Duke Energy shareholders meeting fiasco

Poor Jim Rogers just can't win:

About a dozen protesters from the conservative group FreedomWorks marched outside Duke's uptown Charlotte headquarters during the meeting. They targeted Duke's support of a trading system for carbon "credits," or permission to release the greenhouse gas, that is envisioned in congressional energy bills.

Shareholder Tom Borelli of the National Center for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank in Washington, said Rogers has "set our company on a risky course" by its advocacy.

I caught part of this on the news, and one of the shareholders (might have been that guy above) stood at the mike babbling about "climategate" and the global warming "hoax". But when push came to shove:

Shareholders voted down a proposal calling for a report on Duke's climate-related lobbying, with 76 percent of proxy votes opposed.


Attacks from the crazy right

Attacks from the crazy right can only help nudge Duke Energy toward a saner, greener future. There's green in their blood, a hint anyway, but they've not well articulated a transition vision to solar and wind. And they're foot-dragging.

Rogers could be a rock star if he wanted to. The only thing standing in the way is shareholder greed.