Drama Queen Live Onstage!!!

Come See Drama Queen live on stage tomorrow at 7 p.m. or Sunday at 4 in Statesville, NC in a production of "Mentor Me".

"Mentor Me" an hour-long musical comedy that showcases the need for other adults in our children's lives, is free with open seating.

It's a lot of fun and it's only an hour. So, come on over to Statesville 7 p.m. Saturday, April 29 or 4 p.m Sunday, April 30.

Writer/director/producer Xavier Zsarmani has a history of dramatic productions designed to bring healing to his community. A few years ago he wrote and directed the production "If These Teens Could Talk." It focused on creating an atmosphere of acceptance to replace the blame attached to the death of 7 local teens who died as a result of a police chase at the end of a joy ride.

Saturday it's at Christian Outreach, Inc. 1424 Rickert St. (Rickert is one block east of where 70 and 21 meet just south of downtown Statesville. Off I40, take exit 148, turn right then stay straight until you'll see Rickert on the right after 70 crosses 21, Turn right onto Rickert. Go all the way to the end where the road curves left. It's in the only big building.)

Sunday, it's at Mitchell Community College, Shear Hall. 500 W. Broad. St. (take exit 150 off of 40. Head south towards downtown. It's a few blocks east (right) of downtown. One block north of Front St. I'm not sure where to turn. If you turn right at Rt 90, that'll get you there. Shear Hall is in the big cream building.)


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How did it go?

“Of all the varieties of virtues, liberalism is the most beloved.” —Aristotle

It was interesting . . .

The audiences were extremely appreciative but the proof is in how many people signed up to be mentors and I don't know that. Someone wants to bring the show to Greensboro so that should be fun . . . I've never been in a predominantly black show before and I have to say it was a heckuva lot more fun than any pansy-ass uptight white show I've done . . . Some time I'll have to blog about riding in a stretch limo through the projects to the well-loved but unpretentious (greasy-spoon) bar-b-que joint where we had a cast party.