'Don't rain on our parade'

Well once again it's 'Veterans Day', I'll borrow a description of another holiday that really has lost it's meaning, Bah - Humbug!!

Lets take a look at how a Country "Supports it's Veterans", a Country of citizens whose greater majority never serve in it's Military, a majority who never do much of anything of service to Country, a majority who don't even bother to Vote, and a majority who readily bitch about paying their contribution to it's Society, not about how that money is spent just that they have to Contribute.

Huge Defense Budgets means a Strong National Defense! At least one political party takes that Mocho stance.

Do the citizens question where those Huge Budgets actually go, Nope, they believe what they're told and most certainly don't want to hear where it's not going, where it's actually needed, that would mean they'd have to contribute more because they're not worried about the corruption engrained in the systems already.

They readily cheer on their War's, like they're Sporting Events, believing all the false reasons given in waging them.

I have yet to hear, from any we hire into our Societies leadership, say that the Tens of Thousands of us, out of some 300miliion plus population, belonging to the "Focus Groups", had it All Right and that they had it All Wrong about the present Debacles!

But it's "Veterans Day", Non - Political{?}, lets go to a Parade and "Support Our Troops and Veterans", than we can put them, once again till next year, out of site and out of mind!

The subject title comes from this Article of which has this sub-title:

HOLIDAY: Most in attendance support panel's decision to bar anti-war groups.

This isn't an isolated event, this happened in small towns to large cities across this country, and does so every year. Why?, because the excuse given in all these cases is we can't have a Parade, for Military Troops and Military Veterans, who are making a Political{?} Statement!

Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Military Families Speak Out said their First Amendment rights were violated when the parade committee, a nonprofit organization, rejected their application.

Organizers have said the groups were trying to push a political agenda at an event that's supposed to be free from politics.

Although they weren't allowed to march this year, Jason Lemieux, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, said members came anyway to support the veterans.

"We came out today in the spirit of Veterans Day," said Lemieux, a Marine who served three tours in Iraq.

Jason Lemieux Testifies at the Long Beach City Council

What Political{?} statement would be made from the 'Iraq Veterans Against the War', why they might just be wearing their tee-shirts stating who they are and maybe a banner will be carried, some of their members having served Multiple Tours probably in both present Theaters! 'Veterans for Peace', members of conflicts from WWII till the Present, might just be doing same, tee's and caps, maybe a VFP flag or two and possibly also a banner. The same for 'Military Families Speak Out', who's Sons and Daughters this Country sends into battles, some having lost a Son or Daughter to the canage of War based on Lies.

But lets see the reasons given by the organizing committees on why the ban of Veterans and Military Family Members:

Fred Dunn, an 84-year-old World War II vet who was born and raised in Long Beach, said the anti-war groups should march in their own parade.

"This is to honor the veterans who have served," he said. "It's not a political deal."

Political Statement?

"Don't rain on our parade," said Shirley Oglesby, whose husband Jack served in Vietnam. "We don't want war either. But here is not the time nor place."

Political Statement?

"I wonder what the men who died would think if they allowed protestors to march," Jack Oglesby said.

Political Statement?

{Ahhhhh Jack, most would probably rather be Alive!}

"I'm against the war in Iraq too," said Sasha Kilauren, who served in the U.S. Navy during the Cold War. "But these groups shouldn't be allowed to march in this type of parade. It's inappropriate."

Political Statement?

{Lets see, 'This Type of Parade', a Parade for Veterans of Conflicts and Military Families would be "Inappropriate", gotcha Sasha, thanks for your input!}

Vet George Kerr, 65, said seeing the anti-war groups on Saturday was reminiscent of the atmosphere in 1967 when he returned home from Vietnam.

"I was kicked and spit on," he said. "But it's OK. That's what we went to war for. So people could have their rights."

Very Political Statement?

{Right George, I've yet to meet a fellow 'Nam Vet who can Prove they were physically Spit On, oh and adding 'Kicked' also a New twist to the false fables, but figuratively it's Alright for you to 'Spit On' fellow Veterans and Military Families!}

Now there was also a previous article about the coming parade where a few thoughts were expressed:

“They do not fit the spirit of the parade,” she said. “The spirit being one of gratitude for what the veterans have done. We do not want groups of a political nature, advocating the troops’ withdrawal from Iraq.”

Talk About A Political Statement!

Thuente said Veterans for Homeless Veteranswas allowed to march last year because parade coordinators did not fully check the group’s application. “Perhaps if we had checked out their agenda, they would not have been allowed,” she said. “We didn’t realize they had marched until after the parade.”

Gee Now That's A Political Statement, Ya Think!

“These veterans groups certainly have First Amendment rights,” Shannon said. “But the parade committee also has the First Amendment right to exclude whoever they wish if (the entry) does not keep within the theme.”

Hmmmm, Theme? Veterans and Military Families don't fit the 'Theme' of a Veterans Day Parade? Political Statement!

The city provides the staffing, flags, banners, utilities and police protection, Shannon said, but does not play any role in the approval of parade participants.

“The fact that the city does provide staff is a disconnect,” Shannon said.

As Thomas, over at The Military Project/GI Special puts it, "No shit. That’s public tax money being used to keep Veterans they don’t like out of march.

“They voted unanimously to exclude a group, believing it had a political agenda,” said Lerch, whose 9th District includes the parade route. “And I agree with the board’s actions. For 11 years, this has been a parade to honor and support this nation.”

Wow another Political Statement and from a Pol!

Once again, this isn't an isolated incident, it happens across this country, small to large villages, towns, cities!

What happens to a huge number of Veterans who serve this Country, how about this:

Homeless Veterans

Homelessness High Among Veterans
{There's a verbal report, in broadband and dialup, at above link}

Homeless vets can, should be helped

US Veterans Among Homeless Despite Government Initiatives

Seattle mayor calls homeless veterans "a national disgrace"

Or how about the Care for Veterans:

Soldier Brain Injuries Challenge Doctors

What's The Cost? Suicide - PTSD

Mental BattleField

Yesterday I put up a post on my site, and a few other boards, titled 'PTSD - Katrina, Combat Theater Vets, Psychologist Who Developed It Herself'. This covered two NPR interviews with further information of both. At the bottom I had the following links:

Here are just a few of the recent reports, articles, and studies on PTSD as well as Traumatic Brain Injuries:

Veterans For America Releases Major Report: Trends In Treatment Of America’s Wounded Warriors.

by jamesboyce on Nov 7, 2007

Today, we are proud to release a ground-breaking report on the challenges facing our wounded warriors who are suffering from the “signature wounds” of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and psychological trauma.

Having visited every single demobilization site in the United States and overseas, Veterans For America investigators found that care for these injuries is significantly lacking and that the decisions made by the military will negatively impact our veterans for the rest of their lives.

DNC: Bush Talks About Veterans Funding in Texas While Threatening to Veto it in DC

War Veterans Receive Poor Treatment for Combat-Induced Mental Illness, Says VFA Study

Tom Harkin: Rising Number Of Homeless Veterans A Disgrace To Our Nation

Stars and Stripes - PTSD and TBI awareness programs launched

Mental health services for returning vets in short supply

Help for soldiers outside Ft. Carson, with Video

One US soldier's father calls it the silent injury. Now Britain's forces centre is braced for an influx of cases

Outpatients move into new digs at Landstuhl

Demand Action For Our Veterans

There are many many more of these trickling out. But who is really paying attention to them, in a Society that seems to be, once again, Apathedic about a Combat Theater, two actually, that sent our Military in to destroy and be destroyed.

This Society gives more credance to it's stars and starlets than it does to those who serve in it's Military, which makes up an extremely small percentage of the whole!

As this Veteran says "Happy Veterans Day, NOT!"

So enjoy the Parades, banning many Veterans from participating! Enjoy the day off tomorrow, especially if you work a government job, most not being Veterans!

For we always have Next Year to once again "Honor Our Troops and Veterans"
as their numbers of Homeless and Maimed Grow!

If they were sent to fight, they are too few. If they were sent to die, they are too many!

Is 'Funding' Really For Troops?

What Happened To Funding and Oversite For Military/Veteran Care In Previous Congresses?