"Don't Block Broadband" op-ed in N&O

Mark Turner states the case eloquently:

The Internet is no less transformational than electricity. Through this world-changing technology, lives are being shared, distance learning taking place and innovative new businesses springing up. Sadly just as in the days before electrification, many North Carolina communities (particularly rural ones) are being left behind, stuck in the Internet slow lane.

The incredible irony of this issue is the telecom-financed opposition's use of the phrase "level the playing field". North Carolina, where up is down and wrong is right.


Justin Moss asks the tough questions on H.129

NBC 17's Justin Moss follows the money on H.129:


Supporters of a bill in the North Carolina General Assembly said it will make governments compete with private companies when it comes to providing Internet service.

But one watchdog group said the bill raises questions about the influence of money in state politics.

"There's been a good bit of concern about a pay-to-play culture," said Bob Hall, Director of Democracy North Carolina.

Watch the video!

I just posted a separate post on Justin Moss's video.

It's a must-see! Please frontpage it, pronto! :)