Dole and Burr Deny an Up or Down Vote

It's time to slam the LTE lines with this, Burr and Dole would not allow an up or down vote...on minimum wage. This is my letter to the Durham Herald.

It wasn't so long ago that all we heard from Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr was that Supreme Court Justices deserve an up or down vote. They decried Democrats who MIGHT block an up or down vote by voting against cloture, thus blocking the will of the majority. Yet, today, those same Senators voted against cloture, against an up or down vote. Was it for a judicial nominee? No. It was for a vote on raising the minimum wage, which is at its lowest point since the end of World War II. Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole should be ashamed of allowing a small minimum wage increase to see an up or down vote. Once again, they play the part of do-nothing representatives that would rather interfere with the lives of working families than help them.

Here is our local link to write an LTE, but I urge you to contact every small, local paper around.


Dear Oggie Speer.......

Please allow me to reply to you outrageous comment that we, Here at Blue NC hate America.
We who assemble here at this site LOVE America very much! Some of us, I included having proudly served our country in the Military and other functions. No, No one here hates America, we only hate what certain politicians have done to her! It is because of those gutless politicians that we fight for America and the moral values she deserves because so many have been taken from us. You see, if you would stop for one moment, Take a deep Breath and Relax and listen to your statement you would see how wrong it really is!

America was built upon the ideas of Freedom and Democracy. The term “Democrat” is taken from the word Democracy or yet a Democratic Nation. Therefore, How can we hate that which we love? I have something you need to try, Then you might be able to think clearly.

1 Tall Glass
2 Cups Dewars White Label Scotch
1 cup Jim Beam
3 sprigs mint
Add Ice
Now sit back, Take a big Deep Breath, and be cool.

"Why Does ______ Hate America?" a question I often see asked jokingly about anyone who disagrees even slightly with the present administration. (Because, of course, you either agree with the Pres 100% or you hate America, get it?) It's almost attained catchphrase status on some liberal blogs, and I suspect that Oggie is just messin' around.

You should read ya bible

You should read ya bible more often, son. Ain't right to take in drink.
What is so bad about freedom?

Nothing bad with freedom,

which is why I can't figure out why the Republicans keep trying to deny hard working Americans the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Maybe if wine wasn't passed around at the Last Supper it might not have been a last supper and the whole world would be a different place. And don't get me started on that wedding feast at Cana.

Could Be Lance.......

But ya know me. I luv ta takes a stand on them comments! Cant help me self! May be because of too much DeWars! But then again we do know that I do make a habit of pounceing on folks for belittleing Robert's post and I think since I started hangin with you folks I bleed Blue!! I guess Im just too loyal to the site!HAAAA! Maybe I need to go to 3 cups of Sctoch inn my drink!

I predict this vote

Will be the tipping point that leads to a full-scale and broad-based rejection of the Republican royalty. This signals the end of an error.

"The End Of An Error"

Oh, there's a bumper sticker in there for sure!

"Kissell '06: The Beginning of an Era, the End of an Error"
"Shuler '06: The Beginning of an Era, the End of an Error"

Heat Shuler don't no politic

Heat Shuler don't no politic in the state. He is bad on the issues and is godless.

What Issues? Godless How?

Thinking is optional at BlueNC, but highly encouraged.

Elmo's back

Welcome back Elmo. We wuv oggie woggie doggie bloggie.

What is it Lassie?

Did Timmy fall into a black hole of ignorance?

Do ya'll know how ...

Dole and Burr voted on the Senate's pay raise last week?

Just this week the R House leadership killed a minimum wage ammendment on the same day they were trying to push the repeal of the Estate tax through.

At what point do good middle-class Godfearing folk look up and realize that the Temple is overrun with dirty slimey money changers and we're ALL getting taken to the cleaners.


I kin cee your lookin out for them troops. I admire's that. But what u need's ta do's is go's holler & cry at Charles Taylor! He's on the appropations committie and right now the appropration of 178 veterans bills are stalled in his congress.

Try this
1 glass
1 Fifth Jim Beam
Hell, Throw the ice & glass away~

i tired of veterans always

i tired of veterans always crying like the homeless people and the gays saying we want rights we want your money. all of them need to get a job. work at biscuit barn for all i care. get good job and pray, etc.

why do yall hate the idea of the american family? supper?

I love supper....

I do loath all those Republican adulterers though who want to define family for others while they are screwing anything in a skirt that they aren't married to....that's just a bit hypocritical...but for me...I love supper.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Why oggie hate veterans?

Mongo love veterans.
Mongo love oggie.
Why oggie hate veterans?

Why? Why? Why?

What's coming soon to a paper near us?

This thread is so wacked I can't figure out which post you're replying to.....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

my LTE.


Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Excellent, Robert

These are the things that never saw the light of day before C-span, cable, internet. Now we have an opportunity to respond in a timely manner and voters can hear the truth about their Senators and Representatives long before the campaigns.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.