'For Dix, 'what's next' could be a long time coming'

from Raleigh Public Record via WRAL.com:


"...The master planning of a park, Hoal said, has never taken less than 18 months to complete and tends to follow roughly the same trajectory, regardless of its size or city of origin.

The first step often begins with public feedback. Although an ongoing part of the process, Hoal explained that it plays a crucial role in establishing an overall vision for the park.

Once this has been established, the various architects, engineers and outside consultants working on the project begin to look much closer at the physical characteristics of the land.

Dix could be a bit more complicated than usual, Hoal said.

“There’s some environmental issues that you have to deal with, and you’ve got a lot of buildings that have to be surveyed,” he said. “I think the actual physical master planning of this is going to take a while.”

In Hoal’s experience, the first step – engaging the community – is often the most time-consuming.

For example, the master planning of Forest Park in St. Louis, Mo. took two and a half years and included 50 community meetings..."