Disgusting injustice at NC Central Prison

A recent report revealed horrifying conditions for the mentally ill at North Carolina’s Central Prison. Prisoners were left isolated for staggeringly long amounts of times, some were left to wallow in their own filth with nothing but a safety blanket and others were neglected or over prescribed medication which may have led to the death of one inmate.

Jenny Lancaster, chief operating officer for the NC DOC, excused these conditions by citing how the prison system is severely understaffed and under-equipped. Luckily, the prison will receive a new mental health facility to address these issues, but some doubt this will actually fix the problem. These conditions are simply inexcusable.

Nobody is being held accountable. No prison staff has been fired and nobody is up for disciplinary review. This injustice is beyond outrageous.


Not to worry

The corporatists have the magic answer. Privatize prison health care.


That will solve all the problems. Prisoners will continue to get crappy care, which of course is all they deserve, and some millionaire CEO will get even richer, so that his wealth will eventually trickle down to the lowly masses.