Discussion of Charlotte's Nondiscrimination Ordinance Pulled from Agenda

The LGBT community won yet another battle in the war for equal rights today when Charlotte Mayor, Jennifer Roberts, pulled a discussion of the impact of HB2 from the agenda for tonight's Charlotte City Council meeting.

This doesn't mean there won't be other attempts to repeal the ordinance, which after the passage of HB2 actually no longer exists since state law supersedes the ordinance.

Tonight's discussion and proposed resolution were pretty much just ceremonial and would have provided cover for the Republicans to claim with more force that it really was Charlotte's fault all along.

Some of the city council members got that. While others took their listening duties maybe a little too far and were listening to all the wrong people.

The nondiscrimination ordinance that was passed in Charlotte is not why businesses have pulled out of North Carolina or why artists are cancelling plans to perform in the state. We are losing business for one reason and one reason only - the Republicans in the state legislature passed HB2.

If you get a chance, send a few words of support. We've seen the power grabs the big government Republicans in the NCGA have made across the state. We should fully expect retribution against Charlotte. We need to let them know we've got their backs.




I fully expect Berger and Moore to try introducing some kind of law that just impacts Charlotte to try to put the screws on them.

What's been curious to me is how Art Pope has been talking up this "compromise" to the press recently, emerging from the cave or slime pool or wherever it is he usually hangs out, to face the light of day.

I'm wondering if he was thinking that HB2 was proving to be such an albatross that it might get enough momentum going that he'd loose the delicious no discrimination lawsuit and no local bills for minimum wages provisions of the bill that he so obviously enjoys.

I think you are right

and it isn't easy to govern with the constant threat of retribution the Republican legislators leave hanging over local governments.

I'm glad Charlotte is standing strong...for now.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

If Charlotte

caves one inch, it will be more profound than anything that has happened thus far.

I agree

I don't have a problem with "discussions" with legislators. That is part of their job, but they need to be very clear that they know the problems have arisen from the passage of HB2 and not the nondiscrimination ordinance.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.