Disbarred attorney seeks reinstatement of law license

On March 4, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. in the Third Floor Courtroom of the North Carolina State Bar at 208 Fayetteville Street, disbarred attorney Betsy Wolfenden will argue that her disbarment order should be vacated due to the collective perjury and fraud of the State Bar's witnesses: Judge Joe Buckner, Judge Beverly Scarlett, Judge Lunsford Long, Attorney Donna Ambler Rice, Attorney Leigh Peek and Attorney Susan Lewis.

Wolfenden argued at her Bar hearing in April, 2010 that she had been falsely accused by the 15B judges and attorneys during her 2008 judicial campaign because they wished to conceal their misconduct in that court. Wolfenden was disbarred on July 8, 2010 while home recuperating from bronchitis. It was not until December 21, 2010, that the Court of Appeals found in Wolfenden's child custody case involving Judge Buckner, Judge Lunsford Long and Attorneys Donna Ambler Rice and Leigh Peek, that it was "an entire charade of a custody case" and "an appalling scheme to separate a child from his mother by misrepresentations and manipulations of court proceedings."

State Bar hearings are open to the public.


More like a Star Chamber Hearing?

A excellent chance to see how the political legal establishment works.........