Dent is looking for feedback

Bob Geary, of Independent Weekly fame, is doing a story on the local blogging community to coincide with visits on May 12th from Daily Kos rockstars - and he's looking for input. Bob is also inviting opinions about the Independent's political blog, Dent. Stop by and give him a piece of your mind.


The link's right, but

something's not working . . . or is it just me?

It seems to be working fine

from where I sit.

Yes. All better now.


Better titles.

Although almost all of the post titles on bluenc are really good, the last two were pretty bad. They showed up in Firefox's live bookmarks (how I track all RSS/ATOM feeds) just as 'Dent' and 'See'. Not exactly eye grabbers in a sea of content.

Just a thought.

Thanks, Mr. Tenny.

Good advice. Much appreciated.

I agonize over titles

I think we all do most of the time. It is so nice to know someone notices them! Thank you for the feedback.

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