'Democrats for McCrory'= Blue Dog Democrats

As reported in the Wilmington Star News, two Democrats who voted with GOP on budget and on veto overrides are joining the McCrory campaign. Here's the quote from retired Rep. Dewey Hill of Columbus County:

As a lifelong Democrat, I proudly support Pat McCrory for governor,” Hill said in a prepared statement from the McCrory campaign. “I applaud Pat McCrory for the positive campaign he is running, and I believe that speaks volumes about his integrity, trustworthiness and ability to lead and bring people together, not divide them. Democrats, Republicans and Independents can be confident that Pat McCrory will put aside politics and focus on what really matters: results for the people of North Carolina.”

"The other co-chair is Rep. James Crawford, a Democrat who represents Granville and Vance counties, who also has voted with Republicans on major votes in the General Assembly."

I don't know what to say, this is so disgusting.


They're both lame ducks

Plus, they won't be returning to the Legislature next year. ;)

McCrory, nothin' new

watching the "debate"...OY
McCrory talks of free markets, deregulation, tax cuts, doesn't want to share tax returns but he does pay what was required, and welcomes fracking.
In what world does any of this nonsense inspire people to vote for him ?

My MIL (age 91) watched the debate and said she

thought Dalton had mush in his mouth. Of course, she likes Romney because he's "presidential looking." I won't be driving her to the polling place :) Bwahhaaaaahaaaaahaaaa....

Stan Bozarth

Heh. :)

I love my mom to death, but whenever she's not watching her story (All My Children, I think) or Jeopardy, her tv stays pegged on Fox News.

I've stopped changing the channel when she leaves the room, because that gets me in trouble. ;)