Democratic US Senate Primary poll


How many watched the debate last night?

I caught most of it, and this part stood out:

Griffin, who runs an employment staffing company in Durham, has been most critical of Ross on the campaign trial but didn't throw a verbal jab until the end of the half-hour debate. He said unanswered posts on her Facebook page shows she's not paying attention to people.

"You have to be there, you have to be available, and that's the difference in my approach," Griffin said. Given a chance to respond, Ross replied only that she had been crisscrossing the state talking to voters in their hometowns and on the phone.

Look, campaigning for a state-wide office is a crazy, complex occupation. We're talking driving thousands of miles every week, trying to coordinate with volunteers and staff, donors scheduling fundraising events an hour apart (or at the same time) in different regions of the state, etc, etc. Somebody that has the time to (personally) answer/recognize all Facebook comments is probably *not* doing many of those other things, which doesn't bode well for either Primary or General Election chances. And yes, you could have a staffer answer those comments, but that is borderline pointless. I'd rather have my comment go unacknowledged. Some of you may feel different, and I'm not trying to "steer" you one way or another. But the absence of engagement in the comment section does not equate to an unwillingness to engage with people in general.