Democracy on the Rise in America

Now what, pray tell, could be funny about the above headline? I know most of you don't do odd things like listen to the Connecticut state convention streaming over your computer. I do. I have been following the Ned Lamont v. Joe Leiberman primary challenge.

Lamont is the candidate supported by the netroots and Lieberman is the Bush Republican clothed as a Democrat. Lieberman has never faced a primary challenger and if you know the process in Connecticut you'll understand why. A challenger has to receive at least 15% of the ballots at the convention or gather 1500 (give or take a few) signatures to qualify for the primary.

There is a funny below the fold...

It's harder than you think, especially when the incumbent browbeats the equivalent of our precinct chairs into requiring their people vote as a block. There are many unsubstantiated reports of pressure being put on the delegates by the Lieberman camp. They're unsubstantiated, but I can believe it.

Now for the fun part. Lamont received 33% of the ballots and some of the speeches made when delegates stood to give the votes for their town would just bring chills. They were democracy in action and while it might not sound like a win to the uninitiated, this was big. This is people powered politics and it gives me hope.

Now for the laugh, you need to go here.

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If democracy coming home to the people doesn't make you smile, you must be a Republican.