Democracy NC wants BoE to probe Forest television studio issue


Somebody needs to look that gift camera in the mouth:

A voting rights organization has asked North Carolina election officials to scrutinize spending by a nonprofit group for equipment for a television studio in the office of Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.

Democracy North Carolina Executive Director Bob Hall wrote a letter Monday to the state elections board seeking review of $60,000 in purchases by what’s called the North Carolina Promotion and Development Fund. WRAL-TV reported the fund owns the equipment, which Forest can use to produce videos about issues important to him. One fund donor is a longtime Forest supporter.

And while they're at it, they might as well look into all the renovations this same supporter did to the Hawkins-Harnett House, which this little blurb leads people to believe Forest paid for it himself:

The office of the Lieutenant Governor is housed in the Nationally Registered historic home known as the Hawkins-Hartness House (HHH), located at 310 North Blount Street in Raleigh, NC. Located two doors down from the Governor's mansion, HHH was originally constructed as a private residence, but is now only used as an official office for the Lieutenant Governor and his staff.

Shortly after taking office, Lieutenant Governor Forest conducted a six month renovation, refurbishing the house back to its original 1882 intent. The renovation was done at no cost to the taxpayers. Visitors are welcome to tour the home (call the office to schedule a time).

Both of these donor-funded projects stink to high heaven, and figuring out what motivated these huge expenditures has just moved into my top 5 list of mysteries to solve. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.