Defeating Charles Taylor and returning Integrity to Congress

It is time for a change in Congress. Heath is running for Congress because the residents of Western North Carolina are tired of controversies swirling around their Congressman. They are tired of the constant displays of corruption and selling of our government to the highest bidder. And they are tired of seeing our jobs sent overseas through unfair trade deals. It is time for Congress to get back to doing the people’s business.

Heath and his family moved back home to North Carolina in 2003 so he could raise his children in the same environment that he and his wife were raised in. Heath decided to run because the people of NC-11 are not getting a fair shake from their Congressman. Jobs in NC-11 have been sent overseas; far too many in this district are living paycheck to paycheck; and health insurance is unaffordable for a large number of residents; and we’re watching smog overtake our Great Smoky Mountain National Park. After much deliberation, and finally with the encouragement of his wife, Heath decided to run.

Over the next 5 months, we are going to be counting on your amazing energy, knowledge, and support as we work around-the-clock to reach each voter in the district.

Everyone in the district and with the campaign knows that this race will not be easy. Charles Taylor will not go down without a fight and they will use every dirty trick in the book. But, we are ready for that challenge and the stakes are too high for North Carolina and America. We are going to build on the strides made by Patsy Keever in 2004 and make sure that NC-11 has a representative that will work for them.

The latest independent poll conduct by PPP shows us 4% ahead! This is an 11 point swing since our poll in February. This has not been an easy battle so far but these numbers show that the work we are doing is paying off.

The first step you can take in joining our campaign is to sign up for our email list, so we can stay in touch with you as our campaign progresses.

Thank you so much for your help so far. We are looking forward to being on the frontlines as we retake the House and return government back to the people. We are looking forward to posting here frequently as our campaign continues to unfold, developing a dialogue here on BlueNC and across the blogosphere.



This is Brian Hopkins from the Shuler Campaign, I am also the owner of I will be hanging around for the next few hours to answer any questions that you have about the campaign.

Welcome Brian!

Heath already has quite an amazing list of advocate bloggers here with Drama Queen, Martha P. Snead, Screwy Hoolie and Dan Siler all pitching in to promote Heath and blast Charles Taylor. They are doing an excellent job.

As a matter of fact, Screwy was the person most responsible for spreading the word about the sale of our national forests. He started a blog swarm and most of us have written about this issue now.

We're glad to see the campaign is getting online and the folks listed above sure have paved the way for you. Please let Heath know he has a friendly audience here. We're pulling for him.

Thanks again for stopping in and posting. I'll head on over to the cross-posted diaries now and recommend.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks for the welcome

Screwy, Dan, Drama Queen, Martha, and everyone else who has taken up this fight we could not do it without them. The time has come to return the power to the people in this State. Taylor continues to make bad decisions for this district and the time has come to put someone in office that will work for us.

Again thanks for the welcome and I hope to be stopping in here more.

Also note

That DailyKos is going through hiccups this morning, but the diary can be found here.

p.s. I front-paged this and stickeed it.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Thanks for front paging this. When I decided it was time for us to start posting I wanted to post on a local and national blog. I am hoping to continue that trend in the future.


What have Taylor's dirty tricks been like in the past (and are they something we can begin to prepare to rebut now)? Thanks!


What we have to realize about Congressman Taylor is that he has truthfully unlimited resources when it comes to funding. The Congressman always self funds his races and we figure this race will be no different given his cash on hand at the last reporting. We are working hard to raise as much money as possible.

As far as dirty tricks go from past races we know that Taylor will go negative with us early. We are curious as to what those negative ads will be but only time will tell on that. Taylor is also sometimes creative with his ads. The best example I can give is during the Keever campaign he attacked Patsy based on the stock she owned and basically said she was in bed with big pharmaceuticals.


The concerned citizens could certainly use that. :)

Expect a sizeable update to soon. This weekend, hopefully.

I would guess you'll have some traffic here today

since Kos is on and offline. I got a mailing from y'all last night, so I see that you are coordinating your attack - good work.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


I will be stepping out for a few hours to do my other campaign work. Keep the thread going and when I return I will be sure to get back to everyone. Thanks for everything everyone is doing over here at BlueNC

Thanks for reaching out

We here at BlueNC, Scrutiny Hooligans, etc. have got your back, Heath.

We're ready to do whatever it takes to send Taylor back to the Tree Farm or back to his Russian bank or wherever.

Heath's integrity is invaluable in this era of disinformation and the craven politics of greed exemplified by Charles Taylor, Tom Delay, and Jack Abramoff.

Taylor has failed his constituents. He has no business in office any longer.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Good ta see ya Brother Brian!!!!!!!!

Great to see you’re here Brian! Folks, Just let me say I've known Brian since back during primary time. Matter of fact Screwy ,He is the one who built up my high opinion of you! lol

But seriously, I have come to know Brian as a good honest, hardworking person with the very best of interest at hand. He sure has helped me a lot. And Brian is right! Folks in NC-11 have got to come to their senses, they are going to have to take the blinders off and see the light. The light of what Heath Shuler can do for us and the darkness Charles Taylor has put us in. The difference between where we are now and where Heath can take us is like being in the 11th century and all of a sudden awakening to the 21st.

Whether your being a Conservative or a Progressive Democrat is not the issue at hand in this election. What is important is having the courage to finally stand up and say, “I’ve had enough! , I want a better life for myself, my family and my grandchildren! It is important that we each & everyone comes together now, not later, but NOW, and send out a message to Charles Taylor that will be heard in Washington and beyond that we are tired of dishonest politicians and government corruption and we won’t lie idly by for it anymore! We want someone who remembers each county & town in the 11th District, not just a select few!

I’m not just writeing this to exercise my fingers either. I have a good view of what is happening to folks all over the District. From the standpoint of a Veteran trying to make ends meet each month on a Disability check I know what it is like. As a veteran advocate, Once or twice a week I have to look into the eyes of others who need help, folks having trouble with SSI, Veterans needing help that was promised but now they are told they make too much income on retirement. I received a call from a Veterans son-in-law yesterday morning. His father-in-law has cancer. They just went to buy his first fills of medication. The cost? $4000.00, Im not making this up, I will personally furnish you with his phone number and you can talk to him. He only wanted to know if they could get him help at the VA. Everyone they had talked to could give them no information. My answer was yes! I got the proper forms to him which only involved a simple ride to the office, get them from my desk and told him how to fill them out. He is to bring them back to me to look over & approve and I plan to help take his father-in-law to Asheville to see he gets in.

But the problem which has been created by Taylor and his cronies are a “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell” attitude! In a statement released on his website on May 23rd, Taylor talk’s about the Stolen Data from the VA. But instead of being active each day demanding answers, he does nothing. Ask anyone from Graham County or Cherokee & Clay Counties if we have really, Truly prospered under his administration. We haven’t! Someone told me the other day, “Well he did get the Cherohala Skyway into Tennessee, a federal Project. That is pure crap because that road was in the planning stages for the past 35 years or more! The same with the road to nowhere in Swain County. What does Chuck Taylor stand for? Broken Promises & Wasted Dreams! It is time for change and the only way for it to happen is for us to unite and put Heath Shuler into office.

You tell it, Dan.

I can see you know what it's like on the ground in Taylor's district. It's so strange that people have been voting for this crook for so long as though he actually cares about their interests. Here's to Heath Shuler putting a stop to that sorry chapter.

Welcome to BlueNC, Heath!

Sorry I didn't extend my greeting earlier . . . kind of busy out there hunting down the bad guys and crooks.

I am so looking forward to Mr. Taylor's imminent retirement!

Dos vidanya, Chucky

Look forward to working with the good folks at Shuler HQ as soon as "glorified Manpower" cuts me loose. (Had hoped to be free by now.) Will send cash in my place.

What shocked me most last go-round was how many people I spoke with who were afraid to speak out against our Russian banker, Taylor. They feared retaliation ... from their congresman!

They disliked him, opposed him, would not vote for him, but feared doing so openly.


North Shore Road?

Welcome to BlueNC - it's great to have the Shuler campaign represented. Has Heath taken a position on the North Shore Road, aka the Road to Nowhere? Taylor supports it, of course...

$600 million for a road through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is an incredibly stupid idea, both from an environmental standpoint as well as a budgetary one. The Park Service already provides a free ferry service for people who want to visit the 70+ year old graveyards, and has proposed a $50 million payment (in leiu of the road) to Swain County that the County has said it would accept.

I have WNC relatives who are very interested in Heath's position on this.

Road to Nowhere

Heath's position on the Road to Nowhere is he supports the proposed payment to Swain County instead of building the road. When we are posting record deficits each year spending $600 million on a Road to Nowhere or $500 million on a bridge to nowhere does not address the the real needs of this country. The money spent on those two projects alone could be better used for education or a number of other projects that would actually help this country.

Also, sorry for the delayed response with this. I will be checking in off and on all day today so if you have other questions please let me know.


I'll pass the word to my folks. We have to go back to setting priorities and funding things that are really important. I'm glad Heath has his priorities straight on this.

Since Taylor has come out in support of the road, maybe you should list the things Heath would spend that $600 million on - specifically things Taylor has voted against - such as 100,000 teachers, the Blue Ridge Parkway, 100,000 cops, or the Flight 93 memorial.

I can see the campaign ad now - Here is Charlie's priority, and here are Heath's. Who do YOU want in DC??