'Decline to Sign' movement taking off in Davie schools

The Winston-Salem Journal has a story today about a growing petition movement in the Davie County schools, with teachers declining to sign new contract offers mandated by the legislature that trades tenure for a pittance of a raise.

Deb Gustafson, the president of the Davie County chapter of the N.C. Association of Educators, said that as of last week, 100 percent of teachers from four schools and 90 percent of teachers from two others have vowed not to sign contracts as a show of solidarity.

She expects those numbers to increase as the “Decline to Sign” petition makes its way to more teachers.
“We will always have teachers not put their names on a piece of paper and we understand that. But the feeling is, a majority of teachers are not willing to give up due process,” said Gustafson, a 24-year teaching veteran who teaches at North Davie Middle School.

In the meantime, the county’s Board of Education may consider passing a resolution officially stating its opposition to the law at its April 1 meeting.

The NC Association of Educators has more on the Decline to Sign movement, including a map of school boards that have passed or are considering resolutions against the state legislature's plan. The latest map (pdf file) of activity around the Decline to Sign campaign shows some type of action in most NC counties.