Dear Walter Jones.

I've been taking your email updates for awhile now - long enough to have an opinion about them in general. And that opinion is this: I sure hope you're not spending taxpayer money to send out this crap:

Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman is reminding consumers about the Department of Energy's (DOE) gasoline price reporting system. Consumers can report activity at local gasoline filling stations that they believe may constitute "gouging" or "price fixing" by visiting Price gouging, price fixing, and other forms of collusion by suppliers or retailers may violate federal or state law, and may be subject to prosecution by federal or state enforcement authorities.

Last year, nearly 35,000 people reported gasoline prices to the DOE web site and hotline. All complaints registered with DOE are collated and transmitted to the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, and individual State Attorneys General for investigation and prosecution where appropriate.

In addition to reporting suspicious behavior, consumers can take a number of steps to save money by increasing the mileage they get from a gallon of gas.

Some of these steps include:

1. Slow down. Each 5 miles per hour an individual drives over 60 is like paying an additional $0.15 per gallon for gasoline. Aggressive driving including speeding, rapid acceleration and braking is not only unsafe! but also wastes fuel.

2. Keep your car properly maintained and running smoothly. Tune-ups, clean air filters, properly maintained tires, and using the appropriate grade of oil for your vehicle can help you save money at the pump.

3. Use your engine wisely. Avoid excessive idling and use cruise control and overdrive gears for better fuel mileage.

4. Be smart about driving. Group errands together to reduce unnecessary trips, join a carpool, or use mass transit if available. In some places, telecommuting may be a possibility.

5. Keep your car light. Too often cars become long-term storage facilities for sporting equipment or household items.

While I appreciate the advice (which I've heard a hunded times from plenty of other sources), I would much rather have you and your party focused on a coherent, workable national energy policy. Republicans have controlled our government for six years and you should be embarrassed by the stunning lack of progress you've made in any area related to energy. To put it bluntly, you guys suck.




Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

What are you talking about, "lack of progress"!?

Obviously it was the Republicans who pioneered the "take your golf clubs out of the back of your SUV" energy saving technique! Next you'll be acting like duct tape and tarps aren't "progress" in terrorism response!

Sucking it up at " Patels" 24/7

To put it bluntly, you guys suck.* A

You were doing fine A, until your final statement to Walter.
Now you will have the religious right sucking gas out of the gas
tanks and getting them arrested by the 24/7 "Patel" India chain family owners!
Which reminds me of that idiot repub lawyer name Graham who has run 10000000
TV commerials about coming to Raleigh to get those Liberals who
raise the gas prices in the name of conservative family values.

This is the kind of stuff that starts religious wars over Oil!

I don't know about a religious war

but I'm about ready for a good old-fashioned kick-ass down-and-dirty dust-up with these d*ckheads. Might have to drag out my K-bar and camoflaged utilities and do some night work.

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