Day 90

It's been three months since I started counting quarantine days, but who's counting?

From the outset, I was certain we'd be in this for the long haul. But little did I know that a small army of ignorant American greeders would make matters worse by disregarding advice from public health professionals. Topping the list of self-obsessed cult members is Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who debases himself with conspiracy collusion day after day after day. When he's not whining about Governor Cooper, he's hooked up with "Reopen NC," a group of fetishists who want to burn masks to protest government and business policies requiring the face coverings.

The quarantine has really dampened Jane's (my partner) spirits. She's eager to get out and socialize (with appropriate distancing), and for some reason wants me to join her. I'll take a hard pass. Life during quarantine looks more or less like it always has for me and I'm more than happy to stay home. I've actually shed five pounds and am as fit as I can expect to be for almost 70.

That's not to say the pandemic hasn't taken a toll. It upended my daughter's life and her wedding, which has been postponed indefinitely. No idea what's going to happen there.

When we all look back on 2020 and try to make sense of it, I have no doubt we'll come up short. There IS no sense to be made. It's all a big clusterfuck, interminably worse because of the incompetence and immorality of the Orange Menace.

The fall election will be here before we know it. While you have time, please do the following.

  • Search "NC DMV Voter" and go online to check your registration. You have to be registered at your current address.
  • Spread the word to friends and family, asking them to do the same. We need all hands on deck.
  • If you have a printer, go online and download an absentee ballot request form. Search "NC Absentee." Print the form and mail it to your county board of elections. You'll then receive a ballot in early September (less than three months from now) which you can complete and mail in. Even if you don't use it, it'll be good to have it on hand as insurance in case things fall apart.
  • If you don't use your absentee ballot, plan to vote early starting October 15. That's what I'm going to do if I can.

Other than that, I hope you'll be part of the blue wave we so desperately need to see happen. Don't join the haters or the critics, all of whom are trying to tear down Democratic candidates. Joe Biden is infinitely superior to Donald Fucking Trump. Roy Cooper is infinitely superior to Dandy "the Whiner" Forest. And the list goes on and on. Every Democrat running is infinitely superior to every Republican running because of one simple fact: Republicans are enabling Trump in his reign of destruction. They must be crushed.