Day 49

Dandy Dan Forest

Dan Forest is getting desperate as he sees his gubernatorial ambitions withering. Polling tells the story. Roy Cooper is handling himself admirably, taking a cautious-but-flexible approach to the Trump Pandemic. Dandy's "one-size-fits-all" criticism has fallen dead flat because it's simply not true. The upshot? Cooper leads Dandy 52% to 32%.

Thom Tillis trails Cal Cunningham by 43% to 34%.

Some people are saying that Trump's Lysol comments mark a tipping point of sorts, a vivid display of stupidity that's just impossible to ignore. I disagree. It may have hardened opinions on both sides, but it's not a tipping point. There is nothing he can say or do that will cost him a single member of his cult following. Even when Trump is rotting in his grave, the cultists will still be with us. They represent 33% of the US population, the dirty third.

To paraphrase Mel Trump, I don't really care if deplorables die, do you? I just want to make sure they don't take others out along the way. In August, the GOP will hold their convention, a coronavirus super-spreader event, in Charlotte. Every attendee should be required to sign away their rights to healthcare services for a period of six months afterwards. If they don't get sick, lucky them. If they DO get sick, tough shit. These people don't care if they die, why should we?

I got to see my grandchildren this week after six weeks of solid quarantining by them and me. I know how lucky I am.



One day at a time

I went out yesterday to get some things, but I had a good excuse. As planning board chair, I have to sign off on all development plats, usually about every ten days. So that's when I make my runs to the grocery store.

Forest fires

The poor guy has been firing blanks ... a lot of blanks ... lately, each one shooting a hole in his hapless campaign. He was against reopening before he was FOR reopening, and now he's, "Well, it depends." He was against testing and data before he was FOR testing and data, and now he's like, "Yeah well now we need different data."

But there's one place he's been consistent: his undying adulation of the Worst President Ever. Donald F. Trump.