Day 34

Having time to think can be a luxury. With Trump's daily fire hose of lies setting the public agenda, many people are reacting to the day's events without a hint of thoughtfulness. In the process, tribalism takes over, amplified by competing noise machines. Today's noise involves domestic terrorists bringing guns to their "liberty" protests.

In almost any dispute, there's one side that mostly seeks to avoid domination, while the other side seeks to dominate. Both sides usually think they're the victim in the dispute, they say they are only trying to avoid domination.

Militia members: "The government is trampling our freedom to assemble, we have to fight back."

Government leaders and health professionals: "Right wing extremists are threatening public safety and making the pandemic worse. We need people to stay at home in order to stop this virus."

If you want to tell which group wants to dominate versus avoid domination, just look for the people carrying guns and knives. That's a dead giveaway.



Settling in to simple

Jane and I have weeded all the beds on our property at least twice, and welcome rain today as a respite from crawling around on our hands and knees.

Those who are saving our lives vs those who endanger our lives

Why is there even a contest? There is only one right side, and it's not the Right. The media need to change their reporting. This is Charlottesville all over again, and somebody will get hurt or killed before long if this continues.


A crisis does not change people; it reveals them.

It's definitely a media

It's definitely a media problem. I do my best to steer clear of mainstream reporting, it's always wrong and always tilts in the favor of celebrating extremism.