Day 33

Every day brings new revelations about the corruption and incompetence of Donald F. Trump and his minions in the Senate. Today's news is brutally damning:

U.S. manufacturers shipped millions of dollars of face masks and other protective medical equipment to China in January and February with encouragement from the federal government, a Washington Post review of economic data and internal government documents has found. The move underscores the Trump administration’s failure to recognize and prepare for the growing pandemic threat.

In those two months, the value of protective masks and related items exported from the United States to China grew more than 1,000 percent compared with the same time last year — from $1.4 million to about $17.6 million, according to a Post analysis of customs categories which, according to research by Public Citizen, contain key PPE. Similarly, shipments of ventilators and protective garments jumped by triple digits.

“Instead of taking steps to prepare, they ignored the advice of one expert after another,” said Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Tex.). “People right now, as we speak, are dying because there have been inadequate supplies of PPE.”

There will be many Trump Republicans rushing to his defense with bullshit excuses, talking trash about "her emails" and "yeah but Obama." But the hard truth is: they don't have leg to stand on. Trump is a corrupt and incompetent fool. People are dying because of that.