Day 29

I hit a hard spot today, not sure why, just one of those spells. I was lucky I didn't slip into depression.

To stay distracted, I spent four hours weeding. Down on my hands and knees, slogging along. That's what we're going to have to do next year to clean up the Republican hellscape growing around us. Dig up the toxic weeds, roots and all.

The big question is what to plant instead. Decency is at the top of my list. Throw in a big dose of fairness, and I'll be pretty happy.

In 184 days, on the first day of early, in-person voting, I'm going to proudly cast my vote for Joe Biden, Roy Cooper, Cal Cunningham, David Price, and every other Democrat on the ballot. I. Can't. Wait.

For those thinking you'll hold off until November 3, I hope you'll consider voting early. In fact, you can even go ahead and request an absentee right now if you want. Here's the link.

As of today, you have to print a form and mail it in to request an absentee ballot, however, there are good people working to make the entire process electronic, just like with online voter registration.

Be on the safe side. Go ahead and get 'er done.