Day 28

My dad worked as a letter carrier for the US Post Office for 15 years after he got out of the Navy. He personally walked the entire route of Fort Monroe, Virginia, pictured here. He loved it. He got to see hundreds of people every day, and always kept an eye on things. It was a good job with an organization that performed an extraordinary government service.

And now a privileged bunch of Republican jerks led by Donald F. Trump want to shut the post office down. It makes my blood boil, especially because they're also trying to stop voting by mail.

If you're interested, here's a discussion about the importance of the post office and why it matters.

On Facebook today, I saw several posts that encouraged citizens to buy stamps in bulk. The author said that if We the People purchase bunches of stamps, it could save the post office. I did the math and I think that's pretty much right. So I bought about $50 of lovely stamps, and now have an online account. I'm doing my part to help and you can do it too.

It's really easy.

The groundswell of support for the post office is encouraging. You can see what others are doing by following this link:

Trump is flailing more than usual today, with Thom Tillis and Dan Forest, his most reliable acolytes, flailing right along with him. None of them can handle being out of the spotlight, and as a result, we citizens have to endure their daily bullshit. But I'm noticing that people are wising up. For Tillis and Forest posts, there are almost no supporters commenting. Meanwhile, the army of citizen watchdogs calling them out is growing every week. Forest couldn't even get away with bland Easter greetings without running into the buzz saw of people pointing out his hypocrisy.

If you're not tracking these guys on social media, consider making it part of your daily job. And add in your Republican congressman too. Just "like" their page on Facebook and you'll have open access to all their propaganda.

PS I don't enjoy tracking them on social media, nor do I like having to be "that guy" who calls them to account. But somebody's gotta do it, and this somebody would welcome your help.



Buy some stamps if you can.

Many are “forever” stamps you can use for years. We will NOT let the post office die.

It's business as usual for Art Pope's Rose's stores

We haven't heard anything about Art Pope for awhile, so I checked the Rose's stores website to see how the pandemic is impacting Pope's main business - there's no mention of it.

Checking their Facebook page, we find that they're open to provide your "essential needs", which apparently includes Easter fashions. (Seriously - there's a bunch of posts about clothes; they're obsessed with clothes.)

Checking the comments, it looks like some people are noticing that the store's aren't doing anything to protect employees and customers:

I was in roses today and it was crowded and I was concerned for the employees safety because some customers weren’t practicing social distancing. I think y’all should do what Walmart And Target are doing

Why aren't the employees being given safe measures n supplies. No shields, no masks no gloves. Public restrooms open to anyone. One of the workers at store 458 brought sanitizer n gloves from home for coworkers. No buggy wipedowns. No extra store cleaning. People everywhere

If you see a Rose's store violating the Governor's orders on retail establishments, contact local law enforcement, per the state's FAQ for businesses. And talk to the local press while you're at it.

Make this a front page post?

Mr. Pope can never seem to do the right thing.