Day 27

Whether you're Christian or not, Easter Sunday arrives each year with the trappings of death. Though I've long since left the church, this holy day still resonates with me. Especially this year, when a microscopic life form, a new coronavirus, is ravaging the human population. Death is all around us.

I'll be 70 in September, so I'm looking at somewhere around 20 more Easters, maybe. I'm good with that. If death came tomorrow, I'd go in peace. I've lived a full and lucky life, though I've certainly made more mistakes than I should have. I like to think I'm at least somewhat self-aware and understand the consequences of my actions.

Speaking of actions, today I've seen social media posts from Thom Tillis and Dan Forest, both pandering to right-wing evangelicals. Here's what I posted in response:

Jesus was someone who hated hypocrisy, privilege, and greed. Are you trying to be more like Jesus with your every embrace of the monster in the White House. Do I have that right?

You don't get to have it both ways. You don't get to pretend you give a damn about the poor, the weak, and those our society has left behind. You don't get to talk about godliness at the same time you support a perpetual liar and agent of destruction. I don't care if it's Easter or not. I'm not going to give you a pass, not now, not ever, not until you repudiate Donald F. Trump and ask God to forgive you for helping to enable his reign of terror.

When the time comes, both of these guys will go to their deaths thinking they lived righteous lives of goodness and godliness. Which just goes to show that human beings are capable of extraordinary delusion.

Happy Easter.



Not one of my cheerier posts

Social media are filled with breathtaking hypocrisy today.

A lot of truth in there

His observations on philosophy are spot on. Hasn't solved many problems, but I'm not sure if that's what it was for, in the first place. Especially existentialism. Maybe it gives us the tools to find the tools to improve our lives, or maybe it gives us the tools to realize we don't need to.

That’s heavy bro