Day 27

Lots of politicians are out appealing to their religious followers this weekend. Thom Tillis and Dan Forest both have been especially pandering on social media, celebrating the idea that Jesus was dead and buried for three days before he came back to life. Some see the story as metaphorical, but true believers take it on face value. Regardless of what you think about resurrection, there's a related story that must be remembered:

For someone who’s still a believer, Easter is everything. That’s when it came to be thought that Jesus is God, or if you’re a Christian you could say that’s when it was recognized that Jesus was God....The Christian faith is based on that. The striking thing that I think a lot of people don’t give enough thought or attention to is that this one who is made a divine being is precisely the crucified man. Christianity in our age has turned into a religion all about power and wealth and influence. The point about Jesus is that he was not a man of power, wealth, and influence. He was a lower-class peasant who was crucified. So I would think that Christians who are celebrating Easter should recognize that the one that God vindicated was a lowly person who was in support of the poor and the oppressed.

I was raised in the Southern Baptist church, born again and baptized at the age of 13. I bought into the resurrection story hook, line and sinker until I was 20, when I started doing my own research about the historical Jesus. Over the course of a couple of critical years, I abandoned Christian beliefs and became agnostic. Today I'm probably an atheist, but I don't put much effort into defining my category. I'm living life, like we all are, with no way of knowing if there's anything more "out there."

Which brings me to this Facebook post by Dan Forest.

What Dan Forest has written here is bullshit. No one thinks that Jesus appeared to "hundreds of witnesses" after he was crucified. And of the THREE people who claim they saw Jesus resurrected some scholars say they were experiencing hallucinations.

So even on this holiest of days, Trump Republicans like Dan Forest can't stop themselves from telling lies. They say they believe something, but that doesn't make it true. They said Covid 19 was a hoax, it wasn't. They said only a few people would die, more than 20,000 have died so far. They said they didn't know how bad it might be, they did. They said social distancing wasn't needed. Yeah, right.

Trump Republicans lie as easily as they breathe. Even when it comes to representing god.




I guess you can be a follower of Christ and also be a jerk. Thom Tillis 'splains how.