Day 18

I wasted 30 minutes of my life listening to Senator Thom Tillis say nothing meaningful on his morning COVID19 phone call. He took a bunch of softball questions from people, imparted no specific knowledge of value, and otherwise blew smoke to cover the criminal incompetence of the Orange Menace. Almost every sentence he spoke began with the words "we're trying." Too bad Tillis doesn't remember the lesson from Yoda in Star Wars. "No! Try not. Do or do not. There is no try."

Meanwhile, this blockbuster report from the New York Times:

The Trump administration ignored a pandemic warning from White House economists who published a study estimating possible effects of a pandemic in September. The White House study reportedly cautioned that a pandemic, like the coronavirus outbreak the world is now facing, could cause the deaths of a half-million Americans and cost the economy as much as $3.8 trillion. The study contradicts what administration officials have repeatedly said about the coronavirus coming out of nowhere and causing unforeseen devastation to the U.S. economy.

I think people are just now starting to realize that we are in this for a long haul. What might have been a relatively short and painful crisis has morphed into a colossal catastrophe as a direct result of Republican malfeasance. They ignored the warnings, lied about the risks, played the markets, and now, when there's no place left to hide, are finally confronting the magnitude of their clusterfuck. It makes me so angry I could kill. We all will be enduring months of danger because of these asspoles.



"White House study" is an oxymoron,

at least in the Trump administration. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad those folks are still trying to do their jobs in spite of Trump's refusal to read anything longer than a post-it note, but finding out about this now really pisses me off.

Everything they do is paid for by the taxpayers. It should be automatically published five minutes after Dipshit gets a look at it. Or refuses to look at it, which is much more likely.