Day 17

When your outgoing, optimistic partner starts gets bummed, you know you're in for it. Isolation doesn't suit everyone.


Sometimes I need to swear.

I cannot believe
what a fucking moron Trump is.
It's like the brainless middle-schooler
who gets to be queen for a day
and decides to shit on
every single thing in sight.

Sorry about that.

When it comes to managing public health, flattening the curve comes in a distant second behind stopping the curve. But here in America, we never even had a shot. US policy was don't spook the market. Delay and obfuscate. Lie about everything. Which cost us six critical weeks of inaction and denial. How many people will die as a result? I don't know. Eighty thousand? Two hundred thousand? Made even worse from how we've failed to handle testing, masks, and ventilators. Trump's only business model is chaos. Flailing is what he does.

How much economic value is being destroyed? I've seen estimates of $50 trillion, but assume it's much less. Just call it two trillion. Really? America's okay with that? Trillions? Up in freaking smoke?

We should have known. This is just what you'd expect from a fake businessman with more bankruptcies than bone spurs.

Hang in there. You're welcome to do your venting here.




Feels like Saturday

Time is really getting twisted these days.