Day 14

This morning brought with it a fresh realization about Trump Republicans. They're not just petulant assholes, they're dangerous. And they don't mind taking the rest of us down with them.

I won't drag you through the evil these guys represent ... you know it as well as I do ... but I will point to a new nut case to their ranks: Mark Robinson, the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor. If you haven't noticed him yet, you're in for a terrible awakening. He's 2A terrorist, a science-skeptic, a misogynist, and a black bigot, armed to the teeth and fighting like hell for Nazi Jesus. Indy Week showcased some of Robinson's more stellar moments in a recent review:

  • Eight days after securing the North Carolina Republican Party’s nomination for lieutenant governor, Mark Keith Robinson posted on Facebook that the coronavirus was more or less like the flu—and he’d seen Michael Jordan play a basketball game with the flu, so suck it up, buttercups.
  • He said: The looming pandemic I’m most worried about is SOCIALISM.
  • On Michelle Obama, in January 2017: “Michelle Obama is an anti-American, abortion and gay marriage supporting, liberal leftist elitist and I'll be glad when he takes his boyfriend and leaves the White House.” (Get it? Michelle Obama is a man.) He called Barack Obama a “worthless, anti-American atheist who wanted to bring this nation to it knees, then raise it back to it's feet as a European style socialist hell hole.”
  • He's proudly authoritarian: “The safety of our nation is in peril because those who despise God, discipline, and law and order want to disarm those who believe in God, discipline, and law and order.”
  • He does not like social justice or pastors who promote it: “Pastors who ‘fight for social justice’ instead of standing un-afraid for the WORD OF GOD should trade their ‘high collars’ for dog collars.”
  • He doesn’t like the media: “The mainstream media is full of a bunch of hyper-sensitive, deceitful, childlike liars who willfully enflame passions through the spreading of false narratives.”

I followed Robinson's Facebook page for a couple of hours, so I could get a taste for the guy. It made me want to throw up in my mouth. The idea that a majority of Republican voters think he's a suitable candidate to backstop the governor of North Carolina should frighten every single person in our state. Robinson's kind of "leadership" would drag us down to the level of states like Mississippi and Alabama. He would literally bury countless North Carolinians in early graves.

The lesson in all this is simple: We need to be working our asses off to elect Democrats at every level of government this year. Do your part. Look into Mark Robinson's candidacy and spread the alarm. His kind of lunacy is what brought us the Trump Pandemic. Nothing good can come from it.



The worst of the worst

I read several Republican comments that more or less said this: "We nominated a black guy, so that proves we're not racist."

Sort of like having Ben Carson as HUD secretary in the Trump administration?

The way I understand things is more like this:

"We'll vote for any dumb ass doofuss, black or white, as long as he hates faggots, loves guns, and swears undying loyalty to the Orange man."


This guy is from where I live, Greensboro. He's a first class asshole who has failed at most things in his life. He's found new "stardom" with his viral 2ndA speech. He's found success and like many other professional blabbers (preachers, politicians, CEOs, celebrities), I'm sure he will continue to say outrageous things, half that he doesn't even believe himself. Perfect caricature for the right wing-nuts. He'll slip up and self destruct along the's in his nature.

I hope you’re right about self destruction

It’s hard to think any sane person would vote for this lunatic, but stranger things have happened. Look at the Orange POS in the White House.

I'm wrong....a lot

But wishing is free :)

Me too.

Wrong way more than right ... but I agree about wishing. And sometimes wishing actually bears fruit, especially with some elbow grease behind it.

Where are you holed up these days?


That's hard stuff.

When we go on camping trips, we typically see Trump Maga signs out in the countryside. More often than not, the houses are sagging in disrepair and the yards filled with carcasses of old trucks and refrigerators. Flying right beneath the Trump flags are Confederate flags ... just what you'd expect from 2nd Amendment Terrorists.

I know this all sounds like a stereotype, but it is what it is: poor, gullible bigots latched on to Trump's ass like leeches.

don't forget....

...the "thank you jesus" signs. The clergy, no matter the flavor, is a tool of the elite and never forget it, "lest you be deceived."....pun intended :) Sorry for any offense to politics are just to the left of Mao Zedong

and to give Mr Robinson's view a little room...

Not sure how many "libs" here own a firearm(s), but I support a reasonable, regulated 2ndA. There's always been bat shit crazy in the world, ever since the caveman. You need to be able to defend your loved ones and yourself as law enforcement can't be everywhere at once. You're especially vulnerable if you're old...can't run and can't stand and fight. Mao once said "Freedom comes from the muzzle of a gun." :)