David Parker still refusing to comment on NCDP scandal

Top Dems mum on scandal at NCDP headquarters.

Actually only Chairman David Parker is quoted, and his is a "no comment." Others not named are said to want the issue addressed.

I want it addressed, too. I am wondering just how high up the Democratic Party food chain this reaches. Where did the "hush money" come from? NCDP or DNC? Hard to know when Parker stays mum.


Dang, NCDP

...You going for the Tea Party/Cain/Gingrich 'I do what I want' vote now?

Might as well. All the thinking people are already on board for another big O.

Show me your O-face folks. ;0h, 0h, 0h, ;0'bama.

Walter Dalton speaks out; Ethridge and Faison still silent

From N&O's Under the Dome this evening: "Lt. Gov. Dalton: If harassment allegations true, Democratic party official should resign or be fired."

Bob Ethridge and Bill Faison declined to answer saying they didn't know enough about the situation to comment.

Martha Brock

Good for Dalton

Glad that Dalton has taken a stand

If they are true?

Apparently the allegations were not true, or they did not meet the qualifications of harassment.

Of course I want to know where the money came from that paid this kid's salary? Everyone is curious about where the money came from to pay the settlement - how come you weren't curious about where all the money comes from to pay for those people who get a check from NCDP but who do not really work for NCDP?

The consultants and candidates are all worried about NCDP not being able to raise money from their traditional sources. Especially the consultants - who get paid whether they win or lose. Imagine not getting paid at all?

I want to know why a former NCDP ED was involved in this in the first place? And I want to know where the December 8 letter from Ortega to Parmley came from - how did it get to the Press? I am sure it touched the hands of a few consultants along the way.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Cleaning house

Were there any resolutions at the county conventions yesterday, that spoke to the need for removal of Parker, firing of Jay Parmley, and immediate rehiring of Sallie Leslie?

Regardless of if the harrasment actually happened or not, Parker should have taken action, and the SEC should have known about it. For the SEC to first hear about it through a media outlet, that is unacceptable.

To the best of my knowledge

No resolution passed calling for the removal of Parker or Parmley. The Wake Dems passed a resolution supporting Sallie Leslie.

I have a feeling though that with time we will find out that the so-called "villans" were not so evil as we first thought, and that the so-called "heros" were not so clean-cut after all. And that the consultants are WAY more involved in this than most people know - and are only in it for their own cash flow.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Motion on firing of Parmley at Wake County convention

While I have been unable to confirm this by interview, I am told that there was a motion in Wake by Phillip Cooper. The motion failed.

Seems many of the delegates needed more information and wanted an investigation before taking action.

I was not at the Wake convention, and a request for an interview with Cooper has not been acknowledged. Hope Wake Dems who were there can explain more about the motion.

I think Watt Jones took the correct approach in taking the issue to the Democratic Party's Executive Council. He was following procedure outlined in the Party's Plan of Organization.

Martha Brock

Wake County Convention.

Hello all... I am Phillip Cooper. I did attend the Wake Convention. But, I did not offer any motions at the Wake Convention. And, there were no motions that failed in regard to the "firing of" anyone.

There were no delegates that openly expressed a need for "more information...".

I am always open to discuss any matters involving Wake Dems or the NCDP.

My mistake. Correction follows...

I did get the info from a delegate at the convention, and I apologize to Mr. Cooper for attributing this to him.. I understand now that there was a resolution offered by Perry Woods, but he withdrew it after several people objected to acting on it yesterday.

However, three people did say that delegates spoke indicating they needed more information or time to consider a resolution.

Martha Brock

more into

I am not sure I heard all the details, but Perry's motion was withdrawn or tabled by Watt Jones. I don't think it was because Watt didn't agree with the actions called for.

But it was obvious that the majority of the delegates felt that the Woods motion was harshly worded and called for a rush to judgement.

I spoke against the motion. I and others did call for an investigation and to take appropriate action. And I said I would support a motion that called for those things as long as the more harsh language and call for action were removed. Since obviously that is not why Perry submitted that motion, that's why he wouldn't modify the motion so it would be supported by the delegates.

And to be honest - I am not even sure we had a quorum for that meeting from the get-go. Most certainly we did not have one by the time that motion was submitted. Having talked with former 1st Vice Chair Blaise Strenn (the gold standard for how a 1st vice chair should perform the duties of the office), we both agree that the records for precinct organization are in the worst shape they have ever been in. Even worse than when Martha ran for Raleigh Vice Chair back in 2010 - and the records were so messed up that they had to elect two Raleigh Vice-Chairs in order to keep the peace!

I saw so many irregularities with precinct organization in just the precincts I work with as a District Coordinator (7 out of my 10 are organized) and know of so many other problems that I really wonder if we know exactly which precincts are organized, which are not, and if we really made quorum at one or both meetings on Saturday? And I doubt that a petition to the Council of Review would help - with the mess we have in Raleigh, I doubt there is the time or money to really look into our records and - God forbid - do what was done in Mecklenburg County in 2008.

All I gotta say is - organizing a precinct isn't really all that difficult if you take the time to plan it right from the start. Certifying precincts isn't that tough - and we should be using the Board of Elections Voter Registration records not Votebuilder for doing it.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Parmley has resigned

Reported by Gary Robertson of the Associated Press, as Tweeted by Binker:

binker 5:34pm via HootSuite
AP reporting that NCDP executive director has resigned in the wake of harassment allegations: ow.ly/aifMh #ncga #ncpol

Executive Council needs to grow a pair, and force Parker out

The executive council is made up of mostly District Chairs, I think.
Until a few years ago, District Chairs had little responsibiliy "required", other than to hold the district convention 1 time per year.
This year, they have 1 more added responsibility: To force Parker out!

The Executive Council needs to make the right decision, or the grassroots will take care of them at their next district and state meetings.

You are way off base with the

You are way off base with the composition of the State Executive Council.

The Executive Council is composed of:

1. State Chair,
2. State Vice Chairs (3),
3. Secretary,
4. Treasurer,
5. Sustaining Fund Chair/Co-Chairs,
6. Minority Affairs Chair,
7. Teen Dems Advisor,
8. State Auxiliary Presidents (8),
9. Congressional District Chairs (13),
10. State DNC members (??),
11. Young Dems Committeeman,
12. Young Dems Committeewoman,
13. At-large Members (3),

They don't have that power

For people who complain that Parker should go because he didn't follow the POO, it amazes me to read that someone is telling the District Chairs or other Executive Council members to do something they also don't have the power to do: force out the Chair.

There is a process in the POO for the removal of any officer - file a petition with the Council of Review. Of course I think that an affirmative defense for any such petition claiming Parker violated the POO is that the POO is in conflict with state and federal employment law. Do you violate the POO or the Law?

If you violate the law, you can make the Party liable for more significant damages. What's your pleasure?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

WRAL article expanded

to include link to Parmley's resignation letter and David Parker's statement, which includes:

Leadership calls for resisting the expedient tendencies of all too many in our society to throw others under the bus at the first opportunity and whose moral philosophy can be changed as easily as shaking an Etch-a-Sketch.

No, David. What's "expedient" is to go ahead and pay a settlement, even if you believe it's not merited, and then try to sweep that shit under the rug with a non-disclosure agreement. Frankly, that's not much of a "moral philosophy" to have, as far as I'm concerned.

And here's some bonus advice, totally free of charge: When you've got hundreds of intelligent, dedicated, native Party officers from which to choose, selecting a "roving free agent" who arrived here via Oklahoma, Mississippi and South Carolina might not be the best way to motivate the grassroots, if you catch my drift.

It seems to me that a Chair

It seems to me that a Chair doesn't send a letter out to be read to thousands of democrats across the state that basically says, wait, don't judge and don't talk about it.
Excuse me, don't talk about what's on the evening news?
Give me a break. I'm amazed and dismayed at how clueless State Party continues to be.
What a complete lack of leadership.

Members have a right and a responsibility to know what's going on in their organization and leadership has an obligation to communicate with us.

They should have been able to say we had an unfortunate situation and the offender has been dealt with, end of story. Instead we have this weak attempt to sweep something under the rug so everyone had to trip over it before we lift the rug up and clean it out.
So unnecessary and unfortunate for everyone involved.

We should demand that we create one job by having someone knowledgeable answer the phone at HQ. Just to see the difference call the opposition someday and see the business way they run their office compared to our voice mail hell. It's absolutely unacceptable.

what a simplistic point of view!

One part of the problem that very few people seem to understand is that the NCDP actually employs people. And as an employer, they are also required to follow ALL employment laws. There are many things they can't legally talk about no matter how open you think the Party should be.

What is even more amazing is that all these people calling for Parker's ouster don't even see the bigger crime going on here - is that the Democratic Party has become all about getting people elected and laundering money to pay the fees of political consultants like Perry Woods and newbie political operatives who had the good fortune to volunteer for OFA in 2008.

Where is the outrage for the lost of grassroots focus that Jerry Meek brought to the NC Democratic Party? How come few are outraged by the way that OFA has essentially stopped all party building in North Carolina since mid 2008? If you want to get outraged over a crime - get outraged over the bigger crime!

Re: Employer's Responsibilities

My job involves a lot of HR work, such as hiring and firing people, and also responding to sexual harassment complaints. Every responsible company and organization has a Sexual Harassment Policy in place that is vetted by lawyers and agreed upon by the senior management team or board of directors, which in case of the NCDP would be the Executive Council. It is the EC which is ultimately responsible for the actions of the chair.

Therefore, it is the Executive Council's duty to discover if the party's sexual harassment policy is a) adequate and b) if it was followed properly. Just as I cannot unilaterally enter into agreements with complainants on behalf of my company without following the directives of our sexual harassment policy, neither can the party chair. Such a policy is a legal document, and the party can be sued if it did not adhere to it.

Resistance is Fertile

Perry - your 15 minutes of fame are up!

You do realize that rank and file Dems have more votes in the State Executive Committee and State Executive Council than ANY of the elected public leaders calling for Parker to resign?

Over the weekend, several self-important political consultants (like Perry Woods from Raleigh) submitted harshly-worded resolutions calling for the immediate resignation of Parker and Parmley, and none of them passed. The reason is that rank and file Democrats believe that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Woods withdrew his resolution rather than seeing it go down in flames because he didn't want to risk an actual vote of support for Democratic Party leadership instead of a vote for what makes it easier for paid political operatives like Woods. He had upset a number of people with his outrageous conduct earlier that day, and delegates had enough of him!


I pray my 15 minutes are up. Never wanted them, but I'm confident what I said and pushed needed to be done.

Thanks for the feedback.