Dark Day in Robeson County

Just a little on local politics that all should be aware. Robeson County had a vacancy on the County Commission. The office was held by great democratic. The local democratic committee met to recommend a new commissioner. They nominated Roger Oxendine. Mr. Oxendine is a heavy contributor to Elizabeth Dole, the reb. party and gave $2000 to the Bush cam. It is hard to hold our heads high when our own party nominates Bush-Dole people to hold a democrat's office. Oxendine did give a little to Bowles after it became public his support of Dole, to little too late. Roger Oxendine is a heavy supporter of Mike McIntyre. This may explain some of Mike's vote. I close on this sad day in Robeson.


Surveyor....that's sad

But maybe if he's serving as a Dem and he wants to keep his office we can pressure him to give to the candidate running against Dole in '08. You think there's a chance?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Swing Donor

Looking at the FEC page for Roger Oxendine, I think he is one of those voters we're trying to win over. He has given to Elizabeth Dole and to Bush/Cheney in 04. But, he also gave FIRST to Mike McIntyre in 97 and again in 98 and then to Bowles before he gave any of the other donations. Perhaps this is an attempt to bring him back into the Democratic fold?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

He is a closet Repub. We

He is a closet Repub. We have to "nip it, nip it in the bud", There are lots of loyal dem. who deserve this office. He gives a lot to local canidates and I think this is payback


Have Kissells people give him a call and if he give Kissell $2000.00 I will clap when he is sworn into office. Let's see if he really wants to act like a democrat

Roger Oxendine

I think it is actually all about Elizabeth Dole proclaiming to help the Lumbees. They have been trying to get federal status for years so they can get federal funds. Elizabeth Dole is suppose to be working on that for them.


No excuse

He also donated to Bush. Helms blocked rec. for years. They got no help from the rep. I have been told this may not have been his money but money from RJR which he is a producer. Also money from big hog company which he is also a producer and both are using their producers to bypass camp. finance regs.

Roger Oxendine

Well, so far he may be a little disappointed in the senator. The Lumbees have been trying for years to get federal recognition and so far it hasn't worked. The republicans keep promising, but nothing happens.