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This is inspirational to me anyways, seeing Democracy NC's great volunteers putting together materials and doing nonpartisan get out the vote calls earlier today. Too often midterms are overlooked. Too often primaries are overlooked. And this is a midterm primary election, but there are some important elections going on too that really shouldn't be overlooked.

By the by, as the new Volunteer Coordinator there, if anyone wants to make nonpartisan get out the vote calls, wants to put together materials, or wants to help with data entry for an hour or two at our office in Durham any time, you have but to let me know. Primary election season and the Freedom Summer activities are going to create a lot of need for this kind of support.

I'm all about finding important and timely tasks that line up peoples interests so you can do what you like and make a difference at the same time, rather than sticking someone on a task that isn't their cup of tea. You can find my work contact info here and shoot me a quick e-mail to get a conversation going.