Dallas Woodhouse and his Twitter War Team Screwed the Pooch

Dallas Woodhouse and his motley band of Twitter warriors screwed up in epic fashion last night. After rallying the crowds of Facebook to follow their Twitter War Room during the DNC last night, Woodhouse and his team failed to exercise basic common sense before attacking Tim Kaine during his speech.

The results:

That's right. The NCGOP is more concerned with a tiny piece of metal worn on the lapel than real issues facing North Carolinians every single day.

Of course, no telling what Woodhouse and crew were drinking along with the pizza they enjoyed in that smoggy, poorly lit dungeon of a room.



A reasonable conclusion might be...

Some could infer from their behavior that none of them have deployed family members.

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Derrick White
It speaks volumes that someone is distracted from real issues by a lapel pin and the percieved national slight of a flag lapel. Where are the adults cause they seem AWOL.
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Terry Doyle
Works at I am a prince i don't Have to work
The story of the Honduran Flag worn by the honorable father of a US Marine and candidate for US VP will live longer on Fox News and in the minds of GOP'ers than the OOPSEY!!!
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John Elton Smith
Hillcrest High School
They must have been too busy checking out other people's genitals in public restrooms to do proper research.
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Shay Gajjar
Cashiers, North Carolina
The NC GOP is comprised of idiots? This is news?
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Howard Faison
Indian Trail, North Carolina
Not to anyone in NC. Well, I guess we could exclude the NCGOP and its followers. ;)
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Bob Smetters
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Rip Arrowood
Rutherfordton, North Carolina
Learn to recognize Knee Jerk Syndrome. When it causes whiplash, wait 30 minutes before you Tweet.
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Frank Long
No one has ever said the North Carolina GOP were the brightest bulbs Christmas tree.
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Jared Kammermann
The equivalent of shooting first and asking questions later.
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Rich German
Virginia Tech
Don't they always? Careful and deliberate consideration before acting on their emotional impulses -- you know, what responsible grownups do -- is not exactly the Republicans' strong suit. It's almost like their frontal cortex, where impulse control lies, just never fully develops. It's like they live in the perpetual mindset of a surly teenager.
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Dave Thompson
Rich German

Donald Trump lives in the perpetual mindset of a surly teenager.

So do his voters.
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Mike Scarpiello
Vice President, User Experience at Aviato
Republicans never let facts get in the way.
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Mark Stephenson
There must be a life form more stupid and venal and malignant than a Republican, but I can't find one no matter how much I Google.
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Mariano Lara Guevara
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Ignorants are always exposed as the fools they are
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Billy Taylor
Raleigh, North Carolina
This tweet, and the GOP's refusal to apoplogize for it, are completely typical of the kind of losers running the NC Republican Party right now. These are not rocket scientists, folks. These are the obnoxious, socially awkward boys everyone hated in middle and high school... the self-important blowhards who lost every school election they participated in... who could not get girlfriends or into the college of their choice because they had no self-awareness of how dumb they really were... the kind of whining losers who went on to second rate colleges where they joined third rate frats, drank the...See More
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Bobby Walker
Works at Disabled
Politicians are so quick to judge the other side without checking on things.
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Betsy Muse
Works at Self-Employed
They did not "mistakenly" attack Kaine. Dallas Woodhouse and his merry band of Twitter warriors intentionally attacked Kaine - the father of a Marine who was honoring his son by wearing a Blue Star lapel pin.

Charlotte Observer...your headline writer should be fired.
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James Kujawa
Registered Nurse at Retired
North Carolina, back in the shithouse again !
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Karl Logan
Lakeland Junior - Senior High School
James Kujawa Did it ever leave?
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Karl Logan
Lakeland Junior - Senior High School
That ought to be the name of the reborn Republican party after the trouncing they're going to take in November. I mean, let's just be truthful for once: This is a party of utter MORONS.
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John Keller
Interesting choice of words. "Stupid" and "Moron" are exactly the same thoughts I had when I first saw your picture.
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David Ong
Works at Retired from UC Davis Health System
John Keller Is that your defense of the NC GOP claiming the Blue Star Service Flag is that of Honduras? If so, "stupid" and "moronic" would be apt descriptions of it.
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Karl Logan
Lakeland Junior - Senior High School
John Keller Funny, cuz those words exactly describe your juvenile comment. I would use the word "coward" to describe your lack of a photo and your sanitized Facebook page.
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Danny Berry
Nurse Consultant at Organization for Research & Community Development -ORCD
what in the bloody hell is wrong with these people?
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Dave Thompson
They're GOP operatives in a southern state.

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Howard Faison
Indian Trail, North Carolina
Danny, it is like they told me years ago when i was training to be a lifeguard, "...be careful when approacing a drowing person, they are desperate and will take anyone down with them trying to survive..."
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Dave Thompson
This is an example of what I call the Junk Rule:

If you can make the argument about a guy's junk or his gun collection, threatened masculinity or lack of patriotism or religious fervor, you'll usually win.

In other words, social dominance hierarchy.

Then you trot out Rudy Giuliani aka Subject/Verb/9-11 to defend Donald Trump's call for Russian cyberespionage.

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Steve Cooper
Regional Director, Sales at OluKai
What.....a.....bunch.....of....IDIOTS! Other than the fact that both the flag and the pin are rectangular, they don't even REMOTELY resemble one another. Congratulations NC Republicans.........Yet another public display of stupidity by the morons in running this state (into the ground)!