Dallas rides the dark-money gravy train

He may not be driving, but he's riding shotgun:

Good work if you can get it:

A few weeks later, Woodhouse formed Carolina Rising. By August, the new nonprofit had begun a weeks–long pro-Tillis spending binge that would ultimately top out at $4.7 million, helping usher him to victory against incumbent Kay Hagan and flip the Senate to Republican control.

In addition, though, the nonprofit wound up paying Solutions NC, Woodhouse’s firm, $72,000 for “management services“; that may well have been Woodhouse’s cut for running the group, as he didn’t draw a salary.

In all, over 98 percent of the group’s spending in its first year would go towards paying Crossroads Media for the pro-Tillis ads or paying Woodhouse’s firm.

And the new filings show that the Solutions NC payments continued, and even grew, in 2015, despite the fact that Carolina Rising revenues dropped to just $67,640. Using a combination of 2015 revenue and leftover cash from 2014, Solutions NC was paid an additional $99,000 for “management services.”

In September 2015, Woodhouse moved on to become the executive director of the North Carolina GOP, but not before his firm collected more than $171,000 over two years from Carolina Rising, making it the largest recipient of that group’s money aside from Crossroads Media.

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