Bev vs. Pat meet in their two-way debate tonight. Who's watching?

Here's the link


Who's tougher on brown people?

McCrory wins, hands down. He did a study. He knows The Truth. Take it to the bank. The Bank of America, of course.

The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

Perdue: Safety first?

That's why we need to make sure children of illegal immigrants don't get into community colleges. They're terrorists in training?

Double jerk.

The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

McCrory's running against Easley

on mental health. Smart move. Sort of like Obama's running against Bush.

The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

He will be in the WSOC debate

Munger, as pointed out by the anchor during the six o'clock news last night, will be a part of the debate sponsored by Charlotte's WSOC.

Have you ever heard of a liberal shooting up a church?

McCrory claims to be accessible!

So how come he never answers my emails?

Pat has never given a damn about anything in North Carolina besides Charlotte. Now he wants to be The Savior.

No thanks, Pat.


Perdue says she'll be the most transparent administration in history. Sounds too good to be true ... but who knows. Maybe she'll deliver?

Perdue says GA will be online, all day, every day.

My personal schedule will be open.

I buy it.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

McCrory says: New bonds? Hell yeah.

He says he would support bonds for buying land and drought planning. Hmmmmm. I wonder if the Free Market Extremists are going to loose their enthusiasm for "Tax 'n' Spend Pat"?


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

Perdue campaign doing live fact-checking by email

McCrory said, “You always do an environmental assessment or an environmental study.”


FACT: McCrory doesn’t even want to study the potential impact of drilling. McCrory said the first thing he would do as governor was open up North Carolina to drilling.

McCrory: “It’s time to quit studying this issue.” About offshore drilling, McCrory said, “It’s time to quit studying this issue and it’s time to solve the energy crisis of our nation and assist every family right here in North Carolina.” [AP, 8/17/08]

8/8/08: McCrory: “as governor the first thing I’m going to do is sign an executive order allowing” Drilling. McCrory said at the NC Farm Bureau about drilling off the NC coast, as governor, the first thing I’m going to do is sign an executive order allowing just that.” [McCrory speech to NC Farm Bureau, 8/8/08]

Another Perdue email

Fact: McCrory’s support for vouchers and repealing the Education Lottery, which would together eliminate $1.2 billion in funding for North Carolina’s public schools.

Voucher Program for All Children Attending Private Schooling At Current State Cost Per Pupil Would Cost the State $900 Million a Year. The State Department of Public Instruction reports that state, local and federal spending per student in public schools was $8,017.42 in 2006-2007. The state of North Carolina spent $5,273.88 per pupil. A voucher of $5,273.88 for all of the 169,222 children in private schooling would cost $892,456,521.36. [Department of Public Instruction, Division of School Business Financial and Business Services, “2006-07 Selected Financial Data,” 11/07; State of North Carolina Department Of Administration, “2008 North Carolina Private School Statistics,” June 2008; State of North Carolina Department Of Administration, “2008 North Carolina Home School Statistical Summary,” August 2008]

McCrory Wants to Repeal the North Carolina Education Lottery, Which Paid $350 Million to Education Programs for FY2008. McCrory declared in his North Carolina Family Policy Council questionnaire that he would like to repeal the state lottery. When asked, “Should the law that authorizes a state sponsored lottery in North Carolina be repealed?” McCrory answered “Yes.” The AP reported on 7/1/08, “the N.C. Education Lottery gave $350,012,385 in net profits and other income to the state for the fiscal year that ended yesterday.” [http://ncfamily.org/voterguide2008/nc-council/council.php?raceInput=Governor; AP, 7/1/08; NC Education Lottery press release, 7/1/08]


Dang. McCrory wants to repeal the lottery? If he'd promise to raise another $400,000,000 in taxes, I might give him some credit.

I don't need to watch!

You're doing a fine job giving me the highlights.

I still think Munger would have changed the debate.

Gang question

Gotta go after gangs ... unless they're beating up gay kids.

The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

McCrory salivating on the chance to slam gangs

It's all Easley's fault.


PS By the way, McCrory's whining about his ineffectiveness in dealing with the General Assembly is pretty pathetic. If he was an effective leader, he'd have moved things ahead using his own local representatives. He seems fundamentally unable to look in the mirror.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

Both candidates believe in the death penalty

Now there's something to believe in.

Pat McCrory can't wait to send someone to die in state-sponsored murder. You can see the glee in his eyes.

Perdue? Not all that different, but at least she wasn't gloating about it.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

They're both an embarassment

Where's Munger when you need him? While the Mayor's wrong on lots of issues, the Lt. Governor will say anything and promise everything. She has absolutely NO credibility. I propose cancelling the governor's race and letting Easley continue for another 4 years. He's proved that NC can function without a governor.


McCrory Math brings new meaning to the term "fuzzy math." It just doesn't add up. He wants it both ways ... tax and spend, plus cut, cut, cut. Perdue was much stronger tonight. She showed she knows how the system works - and that she's more capable of doing the hard work. McCrory just whined.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

By whining, I mean

complaining that no one listens, when he can't even get his local representatives to help him push an agenda in Raleigh.


PS I just reread your post. While I have fondness for Mike Munger, he ain't gonna win. And when it comes to the risk of Duke Energy calling the shots in state government, that's just too high a risk.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

Bev closes

Much stronger than McCrory. He sounds like an angry hot head. Bev was as good as I've ever seen her.

Nice job, Team Perdue.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

Perdue wins by saying nothing

I don't disagree that Perdue "won" because McCrory never really took her to task on the failings of the past 8 years. He tried but barely landed a blow. I look forward to our state's great leap forward in public education under a Perdue administration because she's done such a great job in reversing the drop out rate, the achievement gap, the retention of quality teachers, and all the other great accomplishments of her past 8 years on the State Board of Education and prior to that service in the Senate. Oh, I forgot, we do have the lottery.

Maybe so

But the failings of the past eight years don't lie at Perdue's feet.

That said, you're right about the lottery. The only question is whether we want $400,000,000 in new taxes to replace the lottery money.

I'd happily make that trade ... but I fear I'm in a distinct minority.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

Hey Mr. McCrory!

You've said you want a statewide debate? You're welcome to come on BlueNC anytime ... we'll make it easy.

First question: Once you kill the lottery (thank you), are you prepared to raise taxes by roughly $400 billion to make up the shortfall?

Let me know when you want to spend an hour or so with us. You might be surprised to find we're not all a bunch of lunatic Dungeon & Dragon addicts working in our moms' basements.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

A question

I simply want to know if any of the people who contibute to this blog actually believe that Beverly Perdue is willing to shake up the educational establishment, the public and the politicians, if elected and really push for significant reform in public education?

Aside from pushing vouchers

McCrory has not a clue about what to do in public education.

I personally believe neither Perdue nor McCrory would move to shake up the education establishment, though I know Perdue is open to some of the new ideas emerging around experimenting with small schools.

Shake up? Not likely in either case, though. And I'm not sure "shake up" is the right approach. Some of us have been advocating for changes in teacher compensation, teacher workloads, school and class size, charters, and the like. Those things won't "shake up" anything, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be done.

But under a McCrory regime, you'd see a push to cut almost everything. He wants to end the lottery (which I endorse) but doesn't have the political will to raise taxes to pay teachers better.

I don't know what anyone else here thinks. We're all independent contributors (not unlike you) so it's a hard question to answer.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family


We have all heard the same line over and over again about how awful the public education system is in North Carolina that many have just come to accept its veracity on its face. Hogwash. While nothing is perfect, we actually have a pretty good system in NC which is one reason why so many people are lining up on I-40and I-85 to beat a path to our door.

The disinformation campaign is well funded and with one objective--to dismantle the public education system once and for all. Goodbye to equal access and hello to privatization with its lack of oversight, lack of regulation, and reliance on the "free market" to self monitor. Gee whiz, privatization has worked so well for the privatized military in Iraq! And in the banking and mortgage industries! Perfection! Gee, let's let a bunch of greedy monkeys with guns and money run everything and it will be a swell show. I have had a snoot full of the Pat Show and want the rest of the state to know what malarkey we have endured in Charlotte and what is in store if it is to be Gov. Pat The Frat.


Amen. Amen. And a "Preach it!" added in for good measure.

Our education system isn't perfect, and I would like to see a lot more done to lower the gaps between suburban and rural/urban schools, but that isn't something you can lay at Bev's feet. That is a nationwide problem.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

From my little corner of the

From my little corner of the world: middle school met and exceeded expectations; over 70% at or above grade level; high school 4 year graduation rate above state average and around 72% and going up; and some elementary schools actually met AYP! I know this doesn't compare with Wake or Orange but given I'm talking about a rural system that can't keep teachers because of low supplements and close proximity to Wake and their high pay, with large numbers of ESL, special needs, and low income students I think it pretty much disputes the "failing schools" bull.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

As a contributor and regular reader of this blog, I'm willing to

answer this.

Whether you believe it or not, North Carolina is already doing pretty well in the educational arena. Starting at the beginning, our Smart Start Early Childhood Initiative is now used as a model around the country for states that want to improve school readiness, reduce infant mortality and in general make their states better for children ages birth through 5. The More at 4 Initiative has made an enviable start on giving a boost to children who are the most at-risk for school failure (there's a whole rubric that's used to determine eligibility.)

The Leandro case was a landmark decision that changed the way many school systems approach K-12 learning. Although there is a long way to go, Judge Manning provided the legal impetus to equalize the opportunities available to all students, whether they were in a rural, suburuban, or urban setting.

North Carolina doesn't sit around and wait to see who is elected to continue its pursuit of improving public education - a new initiative called "Ready Schools" has been launched this year, designed to make sure that schools are actually appropriately ready for the children they are serving. I know that sounds simple, but if you think about it, it would be difficult to teach a high school class in a room designed for kindergartners. That's making an extreme example, but you get the point.

One thing I'm particularly proud of NC for is Foundations: Early Learning Standards. It's a set of strategies for working with preschoolers to help them get ready for school. They can be used by parents as well as early educators - in fact they should be. They are designed to be developmentally appropriate, and can help parents and caregivers know where and how the child should be learning at any given point during the preschool years. Later this fall, a Toddler version will be released as well. The emphasis of these foundations is what most of us teachers learned a long time ago from the writings of Piaget: play is the work of the child. I'm serious - the Early Learning Standards are terrific.

Bev Perdue has supported all of these initiatives. I would fully expect her to be supportive of the fluent minds behind these programs, and would expect her to be looking at educational excellence as something more than a test score.

Does that answer your question?

The View From Charlotte

This was a laugh riot. Pat says that he is accessible to the public--yeah, as long as you are not a Democratic elected official, in which case he takes the politicization of his office to a very high degree. Pat "does not play well with others" unless you are a Republican. This seems to be a standing order from the Republican National Committee and Pat always follows their orders to a T. Dontcha know? Only Republicans heart the military...

For example, the Veterans Center in Mecklenburg County was just opened and only Republicans were seated on the stage during the ceremony. The highest ranking elected official in the County--Mecklenburg County Commissioner Chairman Jennifer Roberts(D), the representative from Rep. Mel Watt's(D) office and the representative from Governor Easley's(D) office were placed out in the grass. And there was plenty of room on the stage. Commissioner Roberts presented a proclamation from Mecklenburg County to commemorate the event but that did not rate a seat on the stage with Republicans.

The same thing almost happened at the recent Army Community Covenant ceremony in Charlotte. Pat attempted to freeze out the Mecklenburg County officials who will actually provide services to our joint forces.Including the Department of Veteran Services--whose director didn't even get an invitation to the event until folks at the County muscled their way in and invited him. It was the Pat Show. It was all Pat and his backslapping, stand up comedy--but he never once offered EVEN ONE concrete example of what the city was actually going to do for veterans. Zip. It was all circus showmanship and no substance for the soldiers and their families. Ironically, it is the County who is providing services to the military through CART--a joint forces community effort in conjunction with the County Health Department, CMS, Parks and Rec and Area Mental Health, among others. But those details were not supposed to interfere with his Smoke and Mirrors act to demonstrate how "gubernatorial" he can be in state with such a strong military presence. It just angered the soldiers and their families when he failed to name even one service he will provide to them. Not even one. The muttering in the audience was open and angry. They are so tired of empty suits like Pat, who have never served, "promising" to honor and serve them and delivering NADA.

Pat is all talk talk talk--all show biz and no follow through. I was personally offended for the military members of my family when he waved his arms and puffed up his chest and said that he was so very very proud that the City took a star off the wall of the Gov Center and presented it to our poor blown up local heroes. A star from the wall. WOW. Like I said, all cheap show biz theatrics and no substance. You can tell he never got near a VA Center or hospital or even a soldier's family to see what they are really going through and what they really need. Insulting beyond belief. Inexcusable.

He is politicizing the military for his own political needs to the same extent that the Bush Administration politicized the Department of Justice. Following orders from the RNC. Shameless politicization and neglecting the needs of the military to serve his own ego driven needs. No wonder Pat is the only gubernatorial candidate who Bush has chosen to campaign for--Pat has always carried Bush's water and Bush is throwing him a bone. That ideology has obviously worked so well for the country that Pat wants to insure that it erodes what insulation we have in North Carolina from the failed, disastrous Bush Administration policies.How's that ideology been working for you Pat? The vast majority of us think that it has been an immoral bust.

Uh oh, Pat is drinking the John Locke Foundation Kool Aid again by repeating their bogus statistics about us paying the highest taxes around. Bogus. Those were debunked a long time ago--but what are facts when there is some disinformation to spread around like manure in a barren field?

I have to laugh when he said that the press was "bored" by the transparency of his e-mails which he releases to the press--perhaps it is because they are all YADDA YADDA YADDA. Move along, nothing to see here.

He tried valiantly to sound like he knew ships from shinola about the mental health crisis in the state. It was especially lame. Yeah yeah yeah, it is all the other guy's fault.

Oh my, Pat--you are "...very very worried about the high natural gas prices..."? Oh my, perhaps you should ask your campaign donor who has a big corner on the market for piping it into NC. You made a big fuss years ago about vowing to look into why Charlotte had such high gas prices and what was the result? Zip. It's all just talk.

Bev DOES know about healthcare, and education,and crime-- and being gubernatorial. Pat doesn't know nothing about being a governor but he wants to play one on TV.

One thing he mentioned was

One thing he mentioned was the money coming from out of state for the ads against him. Wait a minute Pat...you've got money coming from the RGA...

He came off as very cocky and arrogant, even laughing. That's just not very bleh.

Oh and yes Easley has done so little he achived the "America's Best Education Governor" award.

How did Purdue sound? She

How did Purdue sound? She always seems to have a tremble in her voice which concerns me as far as the apolitical element hearing her and interpreting this as her being weak.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Her voice is just high

Her voice is just high pitched, but if you listen you quickly lose any impression that she's weak.