Cunningham mailer

The Cunningham campaign did not have my permission to use my picture on their mailer that is hitting mailboxes today.

Gray Newman



Jake could you take a picture of the ad, I'm interested in the content of it.

pics added

And just to be fair, Cunningham can't have all the smiles in this thread. =p

Cunningham mistakes

So first of all, the Cunningham team had an illegal ad during the first primary because they did not have the Dept. of Defense language now in the 2nd primary they send out a mailer without permission for use of an image. I wonder, does the Cunningham committee have the funds for the FEC violations?

Give Me a Break

Both campaigns have made minor mistakes, I think everyone is taking this thing way too seriously. This piece of campaign lit (in my opinion) is silly, writing a letter to people who donated to Cal (especially his grandmother) was very silly and statements from both campaigns have been really silly at times. Here's the thing, we all have already chosen, turn out is going to be super low and neither campaign is going to persuade potential voters by shooting out soundbites. I just don't see why snide comments are going to help us beat that Burr guy in November.

I would really like for there to be, as someone suggested earlier somewhere maybe on a bluenc comment, a debate moderated by Marcus Williams and in the end he decides the winner. But since that won't happen we should at least try to act in the best interest of beating Burr. That means cutting the crap on both sides. I say this as a very passionate supporter of my candidate. But this is getting tedious.

especially his grandmother

It would have been silly if it was true, unfortunately it was just a story made up by Cunningham's oh-so-creative political consultants.

The increasing desperation of Cunningham's campaign is a pretty good indication that their internal polling predicts a loss in June. And it's start to look like Cunningham may pull a Richard Moore after he loses.

Don't like the mailer

don't like the tone here, don't like any of this stuff.

I am an inch away from not voting in the runoff at all and voting for Burr in the general. I just can't reward all this nastiness and hostility with my vote.

Why can't both campaigns just stop advertising, stop talking, and say "let the best candidate win?" I mean, on policy, is one really head-and-shoulders above the other? Aren't we, as Democrats, supposed to be above all this stuff?

Maybe I am naive. Maybe I am too thin-skinned. Maybe I have been in politics so long that I am just sick of the business.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. Aside from this thread I will not be commenting in any other runoff forums.


I call bullshit

This morning over breakfast, my wife, who voted for Cal in the primary, said she was pissed off by the mailer she received attacking Elaine. She doesn't pay any attention to BlueNC and was not aware of this discussion. Now she's undecided.

I agree with a comment above that both campaigns look like little more than boys behaving badly. Thomas Mills letter to Cunningham supporters was a boneheaded move. So is this mailer from the Cunningham campaign. And so is this email I received this morning.

Dear James,

Even Cal's closest friends and family members got one. Did you?

I'm talking about the negative letter the Marshall campaign just sent to many of our supporters, attacking the grassroots campaign we've built together.

Now is the time to fight back and show that these tactics only strengthen our resolve to elect a new kind of leader to the U.S. Senate. Let's get more voters involved in the election process -- and let's get focused on the issues facing our state.

Contribute $5 toward our $20,000 goal before tonight's midnight filing deadline -- and help us continue to earn the votes of North Carolinians from Murphy to Manteo!

The Marshall campaign's recent actions are the tell-tale signs of a 14-year statewide politician who sees her lead slipping away.

The targeted letter also raises serious questions about an improper use of federal donor filings, as reported by the News & Observer.

Secretary Marshall should spend more time engaging North Carolina voters across the state, and less time sending personal letters to Cal's friends and family.

But unless she changes her mind and agrees to a statewide series of televised debates, we'll need additional resources to make sure North Carolina Democrats can make an informed decision about the best candidate to defeat Richard Burr this November.

Contribute $5 toward our $20,000 goal before tonight's midnight filing deadline -- and help us continue to earn the votes of North Carolinians from Murphy to Manteo!

We couldn't ask for more energized supporters. Thank you for taking this opportunity to show that our opponent's cynical campaign tactics aren't working; they only strengthen our resolve to elect Cal to the U.S. Senate.


Conen Morgan
Political Director
Cal Cunningham for U.S. Senate

I call bullshit on both campaigns, with special derision for the Cunningham team.

The only people who are going to participate in this runoff election are an infinitesimally small percentage of hard core voters. This kind of crap does nothing to inspire anyone to bring out their friends. On the contrary, it does nothing but suppress enthusiasm and turnout.


My wife Jane was especially pissed off by Cunningham's criticism of Marshall's comments on social security. I couldn't agree more.

me too

That is the kind of thing one says in the race, and months later, when US Senate tries to do something to support The Great Program, Social Security, he may eat his words, if elected.

I see it as cheap totally cheap.


Go & Brush Your Shoulders Off ...

Is this ever not going to be the situation in a Democratic primary? I mean, I'm sure there's a better messenger on Cal's campaign, and Marshall's mailer wasn't a negative piece, and the Murphy to Manteo meme leaves out Culberson and Rodanthe, but both campaigns are going to do this sort of thing. You're always going to have the losing candidate going negative, calling for debates, and acting childish, and the other campaign acting with varying degrees of civility.

I'll be frank, James - it could be much worse. This is nowhere close to as negative as these campaigns could be on one another. Only when nobody cares about any of this stuff will it go away.

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Yeah, what was that all about?

That and the deliberately unflattering picture of Elaine got to me. Anyone not open to discussing all the options available to help Social Security remain public and solvent is not a serious contender for the Senate race.

The rest of the flyer, except for the unauthorized picture of Gray, were forgettable. Just another glossy waste of money going into recycle.

Resistance is Fertile

Got my 2nd Cunningham Mailer today

another attack ad with the same pic that headlines the attack section with "Marshal refused to support tough steps to address Global Warming" & ends with "That's one reason why the Sierra Club endorses Cal Cunningham for U.S. Senate."


There really isn't any other way to describe it, and this again distorts Elaine Marshall's record and attacks her character. This has been up on Elaine's website for months and it clearly outlines where she stands on Global Warming:

Climate change is the most pressing environmental and national security issues facing us today. We need an energy policy that will reduce the pollution that causes global warming and, at the same time, lessen our dependence on oil shipped in from other countries. The task is great, but the challenge also provides the opportunity to create new jobs in the U.S. and in North Carolina.

Read the whole thing here:

So much for Cal's pledge to run a clean and positive campaign.

Speaking of Global Warming

This LINK is very telling.

Here is a quote I find particularly interesting especially since it comes from Rasmussen:

"The number of voters who feel human activity is causing global warming is up seven points from early April and has reached the highest level measured since early September 2009. Meanwhile, the number of voters who blame long term planetary trends has fallen to the lowest level measured since early June of last year."

especially since it comes from Rasmussen

It must be tough to be a polling company where half the informed population thinks you're biased. I was in the market research and polling business for 20 years. I've never seen anything like the questions about Rasmussen's integrity, which seem more than well deserved in my view.

Got my 3rd Cunningham Mailer today

"Elaine Marshall wants to raise the retirement age for Social Security. That's WRONG for NC."

I've got to say, they are certainly reminding us Elaine voters exactly when the election date is pretty often. =p


I am now officially annoyed with the advisors in both camps--whomever they may be--who are promoting this kind of petty tit-for-tat. Grow up. We have two fine candidates whose basic broad appeal is being chipped (among the small number who are paying attention) by unnecessary and counterproductive cheap shots.

He said, she said, blah.


Dan Besse

It is what it is....

These discussions by the campaigns may be of interest to the very few folks who will vote in runoff.

I'm a Cal Cunningham supporter because I think he brings a much higher level of engagement to the race and the future. He's got the best chance of engaging the independents who will decide the winner in November. The policy differences are relatively minor, but the personalities are not.

Whomever wins the primary is going to have to deal with much more vicious "attacks" from Sen. Burr et al than these minor tits for tats.

It could be worse

I can't imagine some underling in the Cunningham camp coming out and claiming that he had an affair with Marshall...


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