A Cooper Veto of the Budget is exciting pundits


Concurring on the concurrence is the question:

The length of the 2019 legislative session — outside another rash of extra sessions — could come down to whether Gov. Roy Cooper and Senate Democrats are willing to bog down the state budget process for the sake of inserting some form of Medicaid expansion.

Cooper could also choose to veto the Republicans’ compromise budget bill to highlight disagreements over public education and environmental issues as well.

Maybe even more than the Governor, this is a test of the willpower of NC House Republicans. The Senate's Budget is a stinking mess, and unless the House can wrangle some fairly serious changes, Cooper is going to have to Veto the thing. Don't usually lean on Puppet quotes to drive home a point, but Mitch Kokai makes some good ones:

Mitch Kokai, senior policy analyst with Libertarian think tank John Locke Foundation, said “there are some items in the House and Senate budgets (that) are designed to make it difficult for Democratic members to vote ‘No.’"

And therein lies the problem. Dem lawmakers must avoid getting tunnel vision and casting their votes on just a few elements of a massive spending bill. As I mentioned before, the whole point of the Blue Wave was to get rid of the GOP's Veto-proof majorities, so the Governor could exercise his duly required oversight. If Dems are prone to be drawn away from the front lines by a small hunk of cheese tossed at them, the battle will be lost before it's even started.