Continental General Tire of North America continues to RAPE!!!

Once again Continental General Tire of North America has shown their COMMITMENT to the people who kept this tire maker the 5th largest in the U.S. As of April 1,2007 this company of GREED SEEKERS put out a news letter to all of their retirees saying that as of the above date that they would have to start paying for their insurance that had been PROMISED to be taken care of by this company in UNION and COMPANY negotiations.We-The retirees could understand a resonable amount to help in what they call their "PLIGHT".BUT AS THEIR LETTER DICTATES-AS OF THE ABOVE DATE IF A RETIREE WANTS TO KEEP HIMSELF OR HERSELF AND SPOUSE INSURED-THEY WOULD HAVE TO PAY $1,066 PER MONTH FOR COVERAGE.This is complete inhumane treatment of the people who worked and took cut-backs year after year to keep this company making it's billions of dollars profits yearly to keep their share holders happy.We ask that if you are in the market for any General or Continental tire product that you look into buying ANOTHER brand of tire.These people DO NOT deserve ANY profits from the American population.They have shut down ALL union plants -only leaving their NON-UNION plants open.All we ask is that you look at YOUR future and ask yourself--AM I NEXT.Besides the increase in insurance--if you can afford to keep it,which most couldn't--They raised the price of our prescription drug coverage --which was promised to stay the same--by some 1500% in some cases.What we were paying a $5 co-pay for is now $125---This is not only inhumane treatment but pure RAPE.PLEASE-Help us in this fight against the VERY PEOPLE who joined JAPAN in WW2 against the United States of America.As of right now these countries do not have to fight the U.S.--as our government has decided to SIMPLY SELL OUT to these countries after paying them to rebuild their economies after WW2.Please buy another tire brand and let these GREED MONGRELS understand that the United States of America can still STAND UNITED against their intentional RAPE AND DESTRUCTION of the lives of their former employees and retirees.Thank You(Foosiemay)