Constitutional crisis: Open thread



Maybe Burr will surprise us

So far, he's been all talk and no action ... sitting in his catbird seat watching the constitution go up in flames.

Will he act? God only knows, but if history is any indication, the answer is "no." He history of one of self interest trumping the needs of the nation. Like when he told his wife to run to the bank based on confidential economic briefings he had received.

And this crisis makes that finance meltdown look like chump change. People who cross Trumputin end up dead. I'd be shocked to see Burr step out of the shadows and lead the charge.

Whatever he does,

it will be in the best interests of Burr himself, and not national security, Congressional ethics, constituent needs, or a whole laundry list of other justifiable motives.

Burr fails again

He just announced that there is "no need for a special prosecutor." Senator do nothing is going to continue to do nothing like he always does. What a fucking embarrassment.