Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr - Against Surging Plan

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Last week I emailed Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr's office requesting his view of the President's plan to surge military forces into Iraq.

I wrote.

President Bush is rumored to enlarge the military presence in Iraq by sending between 20,000 and 40,000 additional troops. Military commanders have not requested the additional military support and have stated that such a large presence will cause more harm than good. In the past, President Bush has stated that troop levels are established by the military commanders not by political decision-making.

It is evident that the President has changed his process in deciding troop levels and has moved to replace Army Generals Abizaid and Casey (the senior military commanders in Iraq).

Does Congressman Jones agree with the President's political decision (made against recommendation of the military commanders) to enlarge the military presence in Iraq?

While I have yet to receive a response, Congressman Jones, Jr. does not support President Bush's plan and has publicly said so, along with three other Republicans.

Today's Charlotte Observer.

And Rep. Walter Jones of Pitt County was among four congressional Republicans who wrote Bush urging him not to send more troops.

"We are persuaded by all available evidence that an escalation of U.S. troop levels is not the way forward in Iraq," they wrote.

Congressman Jones, Jr.'s office released the text of the letter in a press release yesterday.

It's very rare that I agree with Congressman Jones, Jr., but this is one of those times.