Congressman Charles Taylor and the D.C. Prostitution Scandal

{first posted at Scrutiny Hooligans}

SignOnSanDiego: "Federal prosecutors are reviewing records of two Washington, D.C., hotels where Poway defense contractor Brent Wilkes rented suites as part of their investigation into whether prostitutes were involved as he tried to curry favor with lawmakers and CIA officials."

"Wilkes hosted parties for lawmakers and periodic poker games that included CIA officials as well as members of the House Appropriations and Intelligence committees. Cunningham, who sat on both committees, was a frequent guest, according to some of the participants in the poker games."

Our own NC-11 representative Charles Taylor, who proudly sits on the Appropriations Committee has yet to confirm or deny a role in Brent Wilkes' poker and prostitute parties. Asheville blogger syntax wonders,

"there are only 66 members of the appropriations committee - word gets around. people talk. surely charlie knew something about these parties, even if it was something as innoccuous as someone saying “hey chuck! randy’s throwin’ a party tonight!”

but i’d like to think that my congressman/brother-in-christ is above all that temptation. we know that he thinks he’s above the law, but surely he’s above temptations of the flesh. surely he knew not to canoodle with any of those filthy, impure whores and turn the other cheek like a good christian man."

Justin Rood has been contacting lawmakers to ask them "did you ever attend a party thrown by Wilkes?". Call Charles Taylor's office to ask him what he knows about Brent Wilkes' poker and prostitution parties - (828) 251-1988. Tell 'em Screwy Hoolie sent you.


Prostitution. Par for the course.

Kind of sad to have such sleaze become so run-of-the-mill that no one one even needs to comment on it. Maybe that's why no one's voting anymore.