Common ground: Preserve the United States of America

Over the past several years, a familiar refrain from moderates on the left, right, and center has been "find common ground." Fed up with partisan division, these people have implored politicians to reach across the aisle and work together. Sadly, we've arrived at a new place in history only one specific issue needs our collective attention: the collapse of America's moral standing in the world.

The tip of our nation's moral spear is our word. This applies to "us" as individuals, as well as to "us" as a state and a country. When our word means nothing, there is no place to stand. Our nation is collapsing under the crush of constant lies and deception.

We saw last week what Senator Phil Berger's word means when he made up his own headline and republished a story about Roy Cooper and HB2. The exercise in deception cost him nothing. People don't care. A lie is as good as the truth is you get what you want in the end.

This moral degradation is part of the culture dominated by people like Dallas Woodhouse, Pat McCrory, John Hood and others who have contorted themselves into knots in order to score political points. Wrapped in a veneer of fancy words, they will say anything they can get away with, and in today's political climate, they can get away with anything.

On the national stage, the pattern is even worse, with the Great Orange One spewing lies a mile-a-minute on every topic you can think of. The lies about Trumpcare, for example, are too numerous to count. As are the lies about climate change, tax policy, international relations, immigration, gay rights, religious freedom, and more. Trump is an unapologetic liar. Period.

In normal times, the US House of Representatives would be the body responsible for holding the president accountable for his incessant deception. Our Congressmen and women would step forward and impeach him. But these are not normal times. There is not a single person in the NC Congressional delegation with the decency to demand action. Despite their holier-than-thou rhetoric about family value and integrity, they are all complicit in our nation's moral bankruptcy. I'm especially disappointed in Mark Meadows, who seems to fancy himself a champion of morality. Meadows doesn't have a thimbleful of integrity to his name.

Many pundits are saying that America's decline is irreversible now that Republican partisans are choosing dominance over decency. I don't know if that's true, but I do know this. America doesn't stand for what it did only a few short months ago. And 100% of the blame falls on Republican shoulders.



After hearing the questions and comments

from Republicans on the House Committee investigating the Russia mess, it's even more apparent they have zero integrity. Basically, they're mad we found out about Trump's treasonous behavior. They're not mad about the treason, just the leaks. It's like a really bad novel, and we're living in it.

But when it comes to the Senate, things may be a little different. Not because of Burr, but because of McCain. He's been trying for years to bring some of the former Soviet states into NATO, or at least become an ally and against Putin. But Paul Manafort (and other Trumpsters) have been doing the exact opposite, undermining everything McCain has been working for. And he's pissed.