Clean Elections Lobby Day JUNE 19

Lobby Day Alert! Act NOW

Democracy Advocates and friends,
On Tuesday, June 19, people from all over the state are gathering in Raleigh for an important lobby day sponsored by a broad coalition, NC Voters for Clean Elections. We'll be advocating for a pilot program for Voter Owned Elections in several legislative districts and our Council of State. It is a day of action both inside and outside of Raleigh.

June 19 (Juneteenth) is a historic day. It is a day long celebrated in African-American tradition as Day of Liberation because it was the day that word of President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation finally reached the slaves in Texas, the last to hear the news in 1865. Today, we are engaged in a different struggle, one for the liberation from the dominant role of money in our electoral system.

LOBBY DAY - JUNE 19, 9:30 AM - CLARION HOTEL, RALEIGH. Free food, free parking, and free shuttle to General Assembly. For more information about lobby day, schedule and more, go to:

If you can't come, we still urgently need your participation. Bills for public financing are beginning to move in the General Assembly, so lawmakers need to hear from you on June 19, this week, today.

Participate "virtually" by going to:
to send an electronic message to your elected leaders. We need you to send a message that you want a new system that frees candidates and voters from the weight of special-interest money and creates opportunity for grassroots leaders to serve in public office. The payoff for our democracy would be great. But it won't happen unless people like you take action!