Civil rights group set to file lawsuit over Silent Sham

Let's get this party started:

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law has been talking with potential student and faculty litigants, the group’s executive director said in an interview with Policy Watch Tuesday. They plan to file this week.

“In our view, the Sons of Confederate Veterans has perpetrated a fraud upon the court,” said Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the committee. “They have made false representations to the court about their standing, about their ownership interest in the monument. It is clear this settlement agreement was one negotiated before the filing of the suit and a letter from SCV’s leader makes it clear they knew they lacked standing and had no jurisdiction to present this matter to the court.”

Anticipating the inevitable and painfully ironic mantra, "Another frivolous lawsuit from the Librals, who can't stand all the #Winning!" Or something equally noxious. At best, Republicans caved to a lawsuit before it was even filed. At worst, they conspired to file a lawsuit against themselves. This whole episode needs to be closely scrutinized in a court of law, and the Discovery alone will be worth the exercise:

At least three board members now say they believe the committee was not given all of the information related to the settlement, saying that members were “strongly urged” to accept the settlement and end the controversy. Those members said they also believe the settlement should have been discussed with the full board.

“They got a judge to approve the transfer of not only the monument – for prominent display at the university’s expense,” Clarke said. “But also the diversion of $2.5 million that should be going toward supporting student education.

“This amounts to a fraud perpetrated upon the court through their subterfuge and misrepresentations to the court,” Clarke said. “All in the name of supporting activities that propagate white supremacy.”

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Silent Sam and Kevin Stone

I found that picture doing a Google image search. It was on an off-brand Instagrammish thing, which Kevin probably thought was obscure enough to not be found by anybody outside his "movement." That upside-down "V" he's flashing is from the Shield Wall network, a White Supremacist org that sprouted up in Arkansas and has spread to a relatively small group of idiots in the South.