China Gambling Mogul Funds Freedom's Watch Lies About Kay Hagan, Refuses to Take Them Down

Freedom's Watch has at least two robo calls out attacking Kay Hagan, one color glossy mailer attacking Kay Hagan and at least one television ad attacking Kay Hagan and about the only kernel of truth that can be found in any of them is when they state who funded the calls, mailers and ad. Of course, even that doesn't disclose the full truth since Freedom's Watch is funded in large part by Sheldon Aldelson, a gambling mogul who has padded his fortune developing massive gambling resorts in China.

“While Elizabeth Dole surely welcomes this group’s intervention on behalf of her flailing campaign, North Carolinians would be distressed to know that Sheldon Adelson makes his billions off of investments in China, a country that benefits greatly from trade deals while workers here pay the price,” Hagan Campaign Communications Director Colleen Flanagan said. “Adelson directly lobbied members of Congress, including disgraced Representative Tom Delay, on behalf of Chinese politicians and opened one of the largest casinos in the world in Macao. With those billions he’s funded Freedom’s Watch, whose staff is largely made up of former Bush White House staffers.”

Freedom's Watch must have spent close to a million dollars attacking Kay Hagan with lies and false accusations. They can't find much nice to say about Elizabeth Dole and they really can't find anything negative about Kay Hagan, so I guess they just decided to start making stuff up. The Hagan campaign decided to fight back, but instead of attacking Elizabeth Dole they went after the ads. From a letter directed to station managers from Kay Hagan's counsel:

First the advertisement falsely states that as co-chair of the senate budget committee, Ms. Hagan voted for "runaway deficits." The advertisement does not cite any source for this claim, and substantiation documents submitted to television stations in connection with this advertisement provide no basis or explanation for this statement. There is, in fact, no evidence of "runaway deficits."

Of course, this can be backed up with hard facts.

Freedom's Watch has responded. As we would expect they don't even try to provide facts to back up their argument.

....with specific regard to Ms. Keane's claim that FW's advertisement "falsely states that as co-chair of the senate budget committee, Ms. Hagan voted for 'runaway deficits'", it is very clear from a plain viewing of the advertisement to the fact that Sen. Hagan was the co-chair of the senate budget committee overseeing runaway deficits. The phrase "runaway deficits" is clearly used as a descriptive phrase to describe a range of economic problems facing North Carolina and North Carolinians to be read in context with "Record Spending, Desperate Economy" and there is absolutely no reference to Sen. Hagan voting for a deficit.

While Mr. Teague jumps through hoops and parses words, we'll make it a bit easier for him. All that twisting and turning of the truth could cause injury. Freedom's Watch's ad falsely states that there are runaway deficits in North Carolina. North Carolina has no deficit. Freedom's Watch links those fictional, non-existent "runaway deficits" to Kay Hagan who was co-chair of the senate budget committee. The ad's claim and its subsequent implications, assertions and statements are false.

Mr. Teague also gets Freedom's Watch into a bit of trouble by admitting the ad is a criticism of Kay Hagan.

In their effort to generate some basis to stamp out criticism, Hagan Senate Committee's complaint merely misrepresents the nature of this advertisement and the statements included therein.

Is Mr. Teague admitting that this is criticism directed at a candidate? Does issue advocacy allow for the direct or indirect criticism of a candidate? Isn't Freedom's Watch supposed to stick to advocating for an issue and not against a candidate? Am I missing something here?

Oh, I'm well aware of the law. It is a very clear line. According to federal law, Freedom's Watch can claim it is issue advocacy as long as it doesn't say "vote for Candidate A, don't vote for Candidate B". That is the letter of the law.

Sometimes, though, we have to look at the spirit of the law. Ask yourself why Freedom's Watch would get involved and it is easy to determine their intent. They want to defeat Kay Hagan and elect Elizabeth Dole. That is not issue advocacy.

We might not have Sheldon Adelson's billions of dollars from his massive gambling resorts in China, but we do have phones and computers. We also have a responsibility to help Freedom's Watch tell the truth. In this case, that means keeping this ad off the air. In the comments below you will find the names and numbers of station managers throughout North Carolina. We will be adding them throughout the day. Please help us reach out to these folks to encourage them to take these dishonest ads off the air. Also, if you have contact information for a station in your market, please add it in the comments below. Thank you, for helping us help keep Freedom's Watch honest.


I will have a link to the PDFs of the letters up later

I have a phone bank to get to people!

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I Have Two

I was mystified to see two glossy anti-Hagan Freedom Watch mailers in my mailbox yesterday: one on the energy crisis, the other on illegal immigration. If this is how Freedom Watch spends their money in North Carolina--sending literature to liberal voters--Hagan doesn't have much to worry about.

There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of the comfortable past which, in fact, never existed. - Robert F. Kennedy

There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of the comfortable past which, in fact, never existed. - Robert F. Kennedy

It's a bottomless pit

If Sheldon Adelson can afford to give away 150,000 free newspapers every day in Israel, he can afford to disseminate all kinds of propaganda here in North Carolina, Propaganda designed to keep neocon-friendly hawks like Liddy Dole in office, for the purpose of waging continuous and widespread war:

Adelson, a casino magnate with an estimated net worth of more than 26 billion dollars who is also a strong backer of Netanyahu, argued that Olmert's engagement the Annapolis process posed a mortal danger to Israel.

"I don't continue to support organizations that help friends committing suicide just because they say they want to jump," he told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) in what was taken a threat to reduce his substantial financial backing if the group did not heed his Likudist agenda.

Both Adelson and Erlbaum, who is a Philadelphia property developer, are major donors to Freedom's Watch, a group formed in August to defend the Bush administration's "surge" strategy in Iraq against legislative efforts to mandate a withdrawal of US combat forces.

The group, more than half of whose leaders is drawn from the RJC board and staff, intends to raise at least 200 million dollars for advertising and other public relations activities to support its hard-line positions on the Middle East, according to a recent New York Times profile.

In recent weeks, the group has employed a high-priced PR firm to test-market a campaign apparently designed to rally public support for an attack on Iran, according to a recent article by investigative reporter Laura Rozen published in Mother Jones magazine. Ari Fleischer, who served as Bush's chief spokesman during his presidential campaign and in the White House until 2003, is one of a number of former administration officials active in Freedom's Watch.

Sent us one to our house

to an absent college student. a bit of a waste of money. I was transfixed, til we also got the robo calls. WIsh I had caller id.


We've been getting the robocalls.

We don't get mail delivery at our home - no one in our small unincorporated town does. When I stopped at the post office there were several of the fliers in our box, and quite a few more in the garbage can.

Good thing Freedom's Watch is wasting $$

FW is wasting their $$ and that is a good thing. Green and Gerber (Yale) have studied this and robos "have a perfect record for never having worked".

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