Charlotte talk-radio wingnut calls Islam a false religion

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I have to admit, I'm one of those people who still thinks there is some rhetoric that is too extreme even for the most ridiculously conservative Republican. But unless I'm very wrong, I just heard something that has given me some serious second thoughts about that notion.

Last month, WBT in Charlotte got a new local talk-radio right-wing nutjob. Jason Lewis returned to his old station in the Twin Cities in August. His replacement? Jeff Katz, late of KGO in San Francisco. While on a drive, I happened to tune in Katz' show, and while he was announcing plans to be at the Pentagon on Monday for the five-year anniversary of 9-11, he basically said that al-Qaeda and the like aren't dying for a religion--they're dying for Islam.

I nearly ran off the road--maybe because I'm not used to listening to wingnut radio on a regular basis, but I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. I apologize to Katz and WBT in advance if I heard wrong, but if I didn't, Katz has only taken a month here to cross the line.

I expected over-the-top rhetoric from the right as we got closer to 9-11. But somehow I thought the wingers would learn to cool it after Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell got busted in the chops from all sides for blaming 9-11 on sin in America. But if I heard this right, I just got proven wrong in a big way.

Katz needs to be called to account. Now. Either he needs to clarify his remarks, or WBT needs to show some decency and take him off the air. You can email him at or


My letter to Katz


I'm sure you're wondering which of many hundred reasons caused me to make this judgment. You'll figure it out.


There are probably more productive ways to engage such a person, but I can't go there today.

Quick response from Mr. Katz

Excuse me?


Heh. Guess he has more transgressions to be called an asshole for than I had imagined.

I gave a slightly more detailed reply

He must still be stammering over a response. Amazing that a nobody from Charlotte can put a talk radio superstar on the ropes.