Charles Taylor Profiled . . . in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review?

Yep. The piece hits all the high notes—Abramoff, banking scandal, Flight 93 memorial cockup, the Road to Nowhere, the "missing" CAFTA vote..., plus the Russian interns in DC and Asheville, which was news to me. (What, there were no WNC kids who wanted to get involved in their nation's political process?) I also learned that Taylor has spent $25,000 in taxpayer money to travel back and forth to his bank and orphanage in Russia.


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In the Russian bank segment in our Truth About Charles Taylor I wrote:

Taylor visited Russia seven times — at a cost of at least $25,000 in taxpayer dollars — since the end of 1999, official travel reports say. That’s of the 12 trips he’s made totaling nearly $65,000.

. . .

Today, a 1997 Russian intern at Blue Ridge Savings, Igor Ioffe, is the assistant chairman on legal affairs at the Bank of Ivanovo.

Ioffe said Taylor brought Russian students to the United States every six months to “gain experience from the work of the (Blue Ridge Savings) bank and the work of the American political system.”

Taylor did not respond to questions about whether Russian interns work at his congressional office, something he is not required to do.

While my stuff is from existing reports, I did the best I could to be thorough and accurate. And maybe the posts are long but I tried not to leave anything out . . .

Thanks, Martha

I'll admit to having turned my attention somewhat from the details of Taylor's corruption because it was being handled so effectively by you, Screwy, syntax, and Dairy Queen (among others). Thanks for pointing this out.

And the posts are long

and intended for the uninitiated.

To be sure, breaking news is much more interesting. Thanks for providing me an opportunity to link to all my boring work. (Wink, wink.) And incentive to finish it up.

Asking for input

Later today, or tomorrow, I hope to post my Abramoff overview and some kind of summation of the Forest land, flight 93, CAFTA, vets issues, ethics voting of Taylor. Anyone who has links for that stuff that I miss, please please please post a comment or email me.

I think I already have most of the stuff but I'm sure I don't have it all . . . and my goal for The Truth About Taylor is to include everything I can in one spot rather than do one hit here and another hit there like most blogs do.

I like the headline:

"Lawmaker's Flight 93 stance may be last straw"

Let's all pray that this comes true!!!!

should we encourage people to protest

CT's bizarro and well-timed "honorary" degree from Western? Or is it too late and/or if we give it more attention, will that actually rebound to be good press for him?

Lyle C. Rashorta posted here about it for Taylor sucks dot org a few days ago but I missed it. Oh well. Very missable. "Dr. Taylor?" Gag me . . .

Honorary degree = more prostitution

What's going on under those robes anyway?