Careless Kitty Captured, Crated Back to Carolina

It's my spring break, and I'm disinclined to blog on weighty matters. Which is why it's good that there are stories like this one about a cat from North Carolina who got lost in Phoenix. The cat is fine, though its encounter with a fan belt left it with some injuries. The family can't believe that it happend to Ashley (the cat), and not Bubbles (the other, more adventurous cat). Ashley is flying in on Friday, in case you want to go be a part of the reunion in Raleigh.


Oh no you don't.

No Thursday cat blogging allowed.


None of our cats who introduced themselves

to our fanbelts survived the introduction. We were cat people when I was growing up and that was before the spay and neuter trend.

A - did you view your inbox? If not...I tried something new. Americans Deserve the Truth

Lance - don't worry. I won't post that here since it is of questionable taste. :)

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If I Have Cultivated

an image of BlueNC as above a story about T&A, then I have truly failed. :)


Well then maybe we'll save it for the Saturday Morning Funnies. I've been trying to think of something we can do besides copying cheers and jeers - thought Satuday Morning Funnies might be a good idea.

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It's not questionable taste at all

PLEASE post it here, SD. The questionable taste is never the reporting of the story . . . it is the acts that warranted reporting in the first place.

This is great, SD. Bring it over. Purty please?

I just have to figure out how to get the picture

of the fake boobs posted here, b/c the story without the fake boobs is nothing!

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Right Click

Save the picture somewhere on your computer, then use the "Attachment" thingamajig at the bottom of your new post. After you upload, it will provide you with the URL for the image on BlueNC, which you can use in an image tag like so: <img src="" />

Well it just can't be that easy...

I used to transfer files to my own web hosting. I can't get my FTP to work, so I've been lazy.

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Blogging tricks

I am SO glad to see this.

I've been saving pictures to my hard drive, uploading them to Photobucket, generating html, copying and then pasting into posts. This is WAY easier.

Maybe you could give us a Blogging Trick of the Day! That alone would drive readership . . . and be a great public soivice.



PS Do you have any autoformatting stuff you use or do you write things the old fashioned way. For awhile on Kos I had lots of short cuts with Firefox, but when I upgraded versions, I lost all my extensions and never bothered to add them back in.