Can the Far West Survive?

Seriously folks of Graham County & the Far West, Can WE survive without Heath Shuler & John Snow! OK, That is a simple enough question to ask and the answer is simple also! NO!!!!!

There is no possible way the 11th Congressional District ,nor the 50th NC Senate District can survive without either! Folks, I have seen firsthand how life goes on in our section of this state! I have seen good folks having to suffer under the Republican yoke of Charles Taylor while Sen. Snow has been our only hope! I have personally seen and and know what it is to be like our disabled, they do not get all that much a month! I have seen and personally know not only young people but folks in their 40s all the way up thru their 50s who simply cannot get any kind of healthcare. I have a very, very close relative with Heart problems in their 50s who cannot receive help with getting in to see a Doctor or scripts filled.

As far as Taylor is concerned the State line ends at Balsam Gap, as far as Sen. Snows opponent will be concerned it will end along the Jackson - Macon lines! Taylor it seems is practicing the way of Russian philosophy ,Starve the weakest out so they will die and you wont have to fool with them! And just WHO, does Ken McKim think he is fooling! Do you really know the truth about him?

People in our area came up hard, Heath Shuler & John Snow came up just as hard as the rest of us! Working for the thing you got from the time you were old enough! How can Mc Kim even claim to know what it is like because when one reads his background he reveals that his family was well off enough to give him everything he wanted! Both Shuler & Snow know what the meaning of work ethic is! Taylor & McKim sure don’t! God has seen fit to allow me to spend the past 50 years on this world. In that time I have worked & traveled over much of our nation ,
Including Washington,D.C. and the western US. I have seen places in the western states smaller than our area with much more than us and I have personally seen the skid row that exist not 2 miles from our capitol!

Folks, It is time for a change in Leadership to come about, and that time is now! Think of it, 4 more years of Republican control could leave us looking like we live in Afghanistan! It is time to shape up and smarten up, Lets send these to deserving Democrats to Raleigh & Washington!