Buy a Hutch, Play some Poker

I was just reading this on Binker's blog.

The House and Senate apportioned funding for the High Point (Furniture) Market differently. The House budget would have given $1 million to the Department of Commerce to promote the marketing of the state's furniture industry. The Senate budget would have given that money directly to the International Home Furnishing Market Authority, a High Point nonprofit that runs the annual trade show.
In this particular case, Owens spoke up to say, "The furniture market out in Las Vegas is starting to clean North Carolina's clock." The High Point Market needed the help directly.

So, we're giving a million dollars to the furniture market because it is losing money to Vegas. Why? Because Vegas has legalized gambling, that's why. Sure, other things have blossomed up around it, but it's the dice baby. So, instead of giving them handouts as we slowly watch High Point die, and it will die, do we really think it can compete with Vegas? So, again, instead of watching them die, how about legalizing gambling in High Point? Maybe just video machines and live poker?

It would bring in millions and millions of dollars for the area and in tax revenue for the state. And, I don't want to hear about gambling addiction until the person talking about it calls for prohibition of alcohol sales and consumption - a much bigger problem. Legalize video machines and live poker halls and use the profits to fund social services throughout the state. Make North Carolina First in social services for all types of addiction, for all those in needy, and use gambling to pay for it. At the same time, the counties nearby will benefit and can use that money to build new schools and parks.

Just a thought.


I Think They Can Keep It

(Vegas gambling that is...)

A million would go a long way to help NC's furniture industry regain it's competitive edge.

I, for one, am sick of buying antiques because new furniture is so shabbily made. Yes, 'good stuff' does cost more but it should last forever. You see any crap made in 1970 in the antique stores lately?

Me, either.

Cheap Chinese Chit,

is what I call it and you're right, buy the American craftsman's work and you have an heirloom.

Unfortunately, I don't think that million would have any effect on the furniture industry though. It's being given to the Market to remain competitive with Vegas, that's a whole different can of worms.

A real shame that there hasn't been an effort to keep the manufacturing jobs here in NC. I think the future will bear out that we don't want more, more, more, that we can buy at slave-wage prices, we really want the quality that is made by the hands of a career furniture builder.

Can I Tell You Something?

Funny you should mention:
Cheap Chinese Chit.

Yeah. I bought some fish today at Food Lion. (the cheapest thing goin' on cuz I'm already overspent on the food budget this month)

Okay. So I'm getting ready to cook it. A little squash from the garden and I have dinner.

My Fish Is Farm Raised in CHINA. WTF? China. You sent me fish from China? America doesn't have any farkin' fish?

I. Am. Out. Raged. All of you grocers/producers/whatevers... you are on notice. I am watching you. I am watching what I buy and by GOD I will find made in America for my food or you will see me plowing with my own mule.

I have had it.

I know you're angry.

I'm laughing. (only because my husband and son have had Live Earth on tv all day, and I'm ultra aware of carbon footprints, etc. today.)

Imagine how many fish that dead one had to cross over - either in a plane or boat - on its way from China to here! How utterly ridiculous!!

Here is your first mistake...

Yeah. I bought some fish today at Food Lion.

None of the major chains give a whit about your health, only your money.

John Edwards is great!
- Sam Spencer, BlueNC, 7/3/07

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


I was giving up Wally World to buy (somewhat) local -

and save gas.

Next year: bees, chickens, goats. I dare ya to tell me I can't.
(that's a governmental collective 'you') ;)

I kept bees when I was in middle school

It's a long story - they'd invaded the walls of our diningroom. The beekeeper who came to take the bees out wanted to preserve the hive. Instead of charging us, he traded us. My dad went and bought me all the trappings and I had it set up in the back yard. I loved it. I had them for three years and got honey every year. Unfortunately, there was one bitter cold winter and a lot of bees died. Mine along with them. You used to be able to buy all the gear from Sears. That was years ago. Oh, and in three years I was stung one time.

Not a bad idea. Maybe I'll get me some bees at the new place.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Keeping bees may be the most patriotic American thing

you can do.

Since last fall, at least a fourth of the 2.4 million bee colonies in the U.S. have gone missing, according to the Apiary Inspectors of America. Some beekeepers -- especially itinerant ones who move their bees cross-country to provide pollination services -- reported that what’s being called colony collapse disorder (CCD) has claimed up to 90% of their bees.

article on bees disappearing

That's Why I'm Doing it loftT

I'm not particularly fond of honey. I want the bees to pollinate my garden and to be a refuge for a (hopefully) clean colony.

I'm seeing other "bees" in my garden this year but I've seen one - one - honeybee since January.

There were a bunch on a winter honeysuckle next to my next this January - 'What are you guys doing here? Oh, be careful - it's supposed to get cold again.'

Should I feel guilty for providing them food in the winter? Probably not, but I do.


I hope I wasn't part of the problem, ye ken?

I heard a report on this the other day.

It said there are no more wild hives, not because of the current problem, this has happened over time. Seems odd.

John Edwards is great!
- Sam Spencer, BlueNC, 7/3/07

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

It is Odd -

Don't let anyone tell you different.

Yes, we've had problems before but not like this. NC State has research results on line if you look (or I can share if you're that interested)

Don't feel guilty for winter honeysuckle

if it's that beautiful lemony scented white flowered winter blooming shrub, they grow wild. You can't control that!

I planted a purchased one in my yard and then realized they grow all over this area. Same with Bridal Veil Clematis. Mother Nature has such a sense of humor.

I just knew you where a chinese sympathizer

you wont even buy our fish? Whats wrong with you?!!!!!!!

Who would have thought it was freakin cheaper to buy fish from china? I would never have looked to see where my fish came from.

Anyone that says FTAs are good needs to explain this to me.

Bet you gots a toyota car in the driveway, your walkman is from korea, your tv from china also and your entire wardrobe from india!

But your right, it is getting harder and harder to find made in the USA or now caught in the USA!!!!!

I agree.

Without some major change, High Point will be as dead to furniture as Burlington is to "outlet malls".

John Edwards is great!
- Sam Spencer, BlueNC, 7/3/07

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I dont mind the gambling houses

If properly run.

With proper zoning a wonderful establishment could be made and the local economy would boom. Place the encampment someplace with easy access to a major road, where minimal people are established now, create a buffer around this encampment to minimize blighted housing, etc. Yes, this would be very profitable for most any county. Require a high percentage of the work force to come from the same or touching county to support the local population. Plan smart and plan for growth.

Excellent idea!

A certain % of the proceeds goes to the state. And this money is spent smartly....Dam, there goes that plan. Money in the hands of politicians spent smartly. Well, that can be fixed somehow.

Some thoughts from a Triad resident

The reason the furniture market is slip-sliding away from HP is not gambling. It's convention/trade show infrastructure. HP is a town of about 100k, and it's not pooling resources with GSO and WS. It's trying to compete on its own with Vegas, fastest growing city in America, and one of the richest, for years.

Every year, folks around here bitch because they run out of hotel rooms and rental cars during the twin show weeks in spring and fall. Here's something I found unbelievable when I first moved to the area. Folks in the Jamestown/HP area leave their houses for two weeks a year and rent them out to groups of usually international businesspeople, since there's such a crappy hotel infrastructure.

Basically, the Triad is a region in name only. GSO, HP, and WS act as separate entities. Instead of coming up with a regional plan, they are letting the market dictate the triad out of this business. The problem is that the leaders around here are conservative, anti-planning types. It's funny, in a sick way, when conservatives are the victims of their own social darwinism.

War is over if you want it.

War is over if you want it.

Also, for the record,

That one million is a giant fucking waste of money, because it only perpetuates the current situation. Instead of using that money (and more, even) to build a regional convention center specifically for the market (that would also lure other regional conventions----folks get sick of going to Atlanta for trade shows), they truly are handing it out to a wastebucket.

War is over if you want it.

War is over if you want it.

The problem is....

that you used to travel to where things were made for trade shows. Not so anymore. Now it is a vacation/destination trip. there is no way that the Triad will compete with Vegas except as a niche market for high end furniture perhaps. And, Vegas is Vegas because of gambling. If Vegas outlawed gambling, it would go down the tubes, not into oblivion, but down the tubes.

John Edwards is great!
- Sam Spencer, BlueNC, 7/3/07

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I agree

there is no way that the Triad will compete with Vegas except as a niche market for high end furniture perhaps

Vegas has had millions - many millions pumped into it over decades. Mob money, etc. Maybe UAE/Dubai type millions could make Triad competitive with Vegas for gambling at this late date....

but would you want them to? Not me. I would be so gone....

Apples & Oranges

There are two points, one of which not addressed is: The Death of High Point.

John Edwards is great!
- Sam Spencer, BlueNC, 7/3/07

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Well, I Didn't Kill It -

There has to be someone who cares enough about their own town ...

It's hard to watch them die (which is not to say there aren't a few I'd help along in their demise - but not here) to my knowledge. ;)

I agree

With you guys that HP is tugging on Superman's cape by trying to compete with Vegas.But there's no way it can really compete without the strength of a combined Triad. But since all these folks around here are somethin' for nothin' types, they'll be left with nuthin'.

And the death of HP is definitely nigh.

War is over if you want it.

War is over if you want it.