Bush the Victim, Bush the Saint

Below is a list of reasons why Bush's approval ratings are so low, provided by wingnut extraordinaire Michael J. Gaynor, along with commentary by YT.

Public opinion polls reflect widespread dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration and Congress. This is largely the result of
  • war being wearying

Ya Think!? It's the euphemism of the decade: "Another four soldiers were wearied when a roadside bomb...." Or is the war wearying in the sense that you wish you'd stayed in bed on a certain Tuesday in November, 2004?

  • expectations being unrealistic

Yeah! Didn't the public realize that you can't just invade some country and expect to be greeted as liberators? Did people really think that it would only take a few months to get this mission accomplished? Get real, folks!

  • sacrifice being hard

He's got a point here. This is doubtless why FDR couldn't get elected to a second term and why Abe Lincoln has gone down as one of the worst American presidents ever—the American people just hate to sacrifice for a good cause!

  • the constant campaign to discredit the Bush Administration and Congressional Republicans by Democrats and their many mainstream media allies

Now it is true that the Democrats rushed us into Iraq on the basis of known-to-be-flawed intelligence, and it's true that the media has exploded the national debt, and it's true that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have been secretly making records of all your phone calls, and it's true that the Democrat/Media Axis has been giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy, and we have gotten away with making it all look like Bush's fault!

  • the inability of the Bush Administration and Congressional Republicans to implement much of their agenda (due to the small size of the Republican Congressional majorities and the determined obstructionism of disgruntled Democrats)

The Democrats are so great and powerful! They have used their minority (and the famous House Filibuster) to run the United States Congress with an Iron Fist in a Scary-Looking Glove! I'm sure that the Republicans can't wait until they're in the minority, so that they can run the show. (Actually, that would explain a lot!)

  • President Bush’s failure to explain to the American people long ago and repeatedly what has been really been going on and to expose his critics’ malevolent motives instead of to treat them as well-intentioned

Wha? I want to poke fun at this point, but I can't even understand it. "What's really going on?" There's a secret agenda at work in the White House, and Bush should have been more open about it? "My fellow 'murcans, we have been doing our damnedest to enrich our already fabulously wealthy buddies while keeping America in a constant state of war and amassing untold power to the executive branch. I hope that this explains everything, and that you'll excuse the mess." That should turn Bush's numbers right around.

  • the futility of President Bush’s sincere efforts to work together with Congressional Democrats on most important issues

I'll be back to mock this contention as soon as I find evidence of these "sincere efforts." Don't hold your breath.

  • President Bush’s apparent belief that his opponents could not break the bond of trust that he had established with the American people with false charges.

This is actually a really good point. Bush just didn't think that if people found out about his suckitude that we could ever turn against his... wait, rewind: did that say false charges? Har! Which ones are false? That he fiddles while New Orleans drowned? That he is spying on Americans? That he led us blindly into Iraq and then botched the war once we got there? Or was it something else?

I hope the rest of the article is this funny. I'ma go read it. Seriously, folks, Samuel Johnson said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, but he didn't live to see the 20th century (among other centuries he's missed). Today, victimhood is the last refuge of a scoundrel.


Victimized patriots

Poor, poor George. Everyone misundertands him.